p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip

I characterize Aristotle as an absolutist and utilitarian monad. Ironic since these terms came into existence after "The Philosopher" (as many referred to Aristotle). Sarcastic retrospective introspection. I don't typically refer to Aristotle's four causes; material, efficient, formal and final yet I see references to these causes, especially efficient causation, in other philosophical books. Take Aquinas' Argument from (Efficient) Cause. Is this the second link in the causal chain of our so cherished cause-effect pathology? Why pathology as the word of choice in the previous sentence? This study of paths, by which disease comes, seams abrasive, inappropriate to overlay against causality, the untouchable disciple from the Oikos of Reason. Hardly a casualty of your sense of self, Liberty has her stake on this claim, with our only response; Justification. Modern technology is the culprit. The internet, perhaps humankind's greatest accomplishment correlated with unprecedented human population, points for progress, sure, but perhaps its the neurotoxin forging paths to oblivion. This would be the cause of our final cause and the answer to our biggest question: Why? But I am not a nihilist, the double negative makes me positive, so to speak. We should not rest in that mental space for long. Albeit, cause and effect classifications are tempered with Big Data, not Big Dada. Dada was pure and utter nonsense but nonetheless a point well taken. Touché. Now sit down. Game, set, match. Back to the business at hand.

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