Aliens, UFOS, and My Evidence

One final existential and entertaining question alludes us and everyone has an opinion.

1) The question: Do aliens exist?

This question, if stripped of its language and replaced with a graph representing the biggest UFO curiosity, the current era would be a good time for them to attack us, as we’re all a little confused about life - particularly now. I haven’t stopped being confused since Covid started. UFOs and the rank answer to the greatest collective question with "God" being another.

2) Do I believe aliens exist in the universe?

Goldilocks zones, the thin edge of potential balance where life could possibly grow, will happen every now and then - for the universe does not work in ‘ones.’  It’s binary. Life will be extremely rare. The perfect conditions of primordial soup and temperature may yield nothing. Or it may flourish like a rapidly growing genetic jungle. We alone, as animals who came from such a beginning, test Newton’s third law by our very existence. Entropy is a meter of disorder. And order always disintegrates ultimately to equilibrium. We humans bend the law, we are "order" out of "chaos". Praise your body, it is you and you are it; you are the universe. You are stardust.

Add some math then add more math and it’s phenomenal how many other planets must have life. Yes, I do believe aliens exist in the universe.

3) Do I believe aliens are here on Earth?

Picture, if you will, that everything you’ve seen about UFOs has been fabricated by man. Suspend your disbelief and objectively view Hollywood and internet sites, old wives' tales, books we read as kids, and the current leaks, releases, and consensus. What if that entire realm of parapsychology was scripted, aliens are fake? What if everything from Dr. Who to Area 51 was utter nonsense, it is just 'content". Imagine that! Talk about an entire population of deluded citizens.

No, I do not believe we have established contact with aliens. Author Paul Davies’s title says it all, “Are We Alone?” from a scientific endeavor to detect intelligence, anything, hoping to discover or detect a signal repetition of the first few digits of pi or a declaration of war. Either would be a triumph.

“To my way of thinking, there is every bit as much evidence for the existence of UFOs as there is for the existence of God. Probably far more. At least in the case of UFOs there have been countless taped and filmed and, by the way, unexplained sightings from all over the world, along with documented radar evidence seen by experienced military and civilian radar operators.”
George Carlin

I cannot deny an experience I had when I was working in Russia, and I drank way too much vodka. My colleague called someone, and two nurses showed up. They each injected me with drugs to shorten the distance between me and the reality I was escaping.

After the nurses withdrew their needles, I felt a hush come over me, I wasn’t detoxing anymore with shivers and shakes. The nurses left and after a good luck kiss on my forehead, Natasha left.

It was night, I was beyond calm, and I could hear the traffic fighting outside. I was snuggled deep into my Russian bed and wrapped in my cozy Russian quilt. For a moment, it seemed like I’d hit a home run in the game of detoxing which comes from losing the game of staying sober.

Suddenly my apartment was filled with aliens. Long story short, I was to impregnate their queen, a coughing mummified corpse with cockroaches crawling all over her, wrapped and lying on my sofa - for their species to have the DNA sequence so they could go out in the daylight – something they cannot do without dying. I was the answer.

Again, keeping this story to a minimum account of my graphic diary entries, I impregnated the corpse in front of some twenty aliens, accidentally rolled her on her face, and in the midst of a jubilant moment where the universe was saved, someone discovered she’d suffocated to death.

It was utter chaos and I can still hear the wailing when I close my eyes, it was out of such grief that I had caused. I was chased into the kitchen they all grabbed knives (no lightsabers in this version). I have extreme light sensitivity, so I turned off all the lights. Where there was a light on, I was safe for the aliens couldn't be seen in it. And I didn't want any more dead aliens in my flat, one dead queen was enough.

I stayed where the light was and then I raced out my door, down the concrete steps and fled five snowy blocks to Natasha’s in a t-shirt and a blizzard as they chased me out of my own flat with knives. It was 3am, and Natasha was surprised to her employee half-naked and frozen, shivering and stuttering out a crazy story about the homicide of a dead alien queen.

Ultimately this led us to wonder what drugs no carbon-based Canadian should have been administered. I had a completely believable interaction with aliens for about five hours. I did not freak out when I first saw them as flailing from my bed to the cold outside seemed pointless. And so I remained calm throughout. There were 15-20 of them and they looked like us but bald with long, loose jaws. They wore sloppy trousers.

“If a UFO did land, and invite me onboard, I'd love to have the balls to go in. So, I search the skies for extra testicles.” ― Kelli Jae Baeli

I would have terrible post-traumatic flashbacks of this event but what should I expect when I’ve assassinated the queen of an advanced alien civilization (which will forever be limited to living out their lives away from sunlight)? That’s probably the worst thing I’ve ever done. And the odds are that it was all imagined. But why was it so detailed and intense, why was the encounter better than my own imagination after smoking a strong joint and dropping a four-pack of Red Bulls? How did I develop an entire calculated and descriptive scenario, replete with telepathy and unique characters I'd never thought about before when nothing of the sort was on my mind? Maybe I needed more vodka for all this to make sense.

Imagination, creativity, Hollywood, and beyond to the social horizons of YouTube and Instagram, we humans have concocted millions of films, books, experiments, and tales about aliens. The battle for your eyes has never been so prominent.

Why do you suddenly feel like the chef's stew from Appleby’s or a cold Coke Zero or why do you desperately need to protect your computer with ExpressVPN before you dare check your alert for your friend's new pic on Facebook? Advertising, propaganda, and (possibly) fake news, Newspeak, affect you more than you know. It isn't "1984", it's more like the sequel, 1985 - which no one talks about.

I have a few speculations on my interaction with drugs that go by the names I was never given, so I couldn’t Google them (Google was roughly a year old in 2001 so I had options). But the experience was real, and it had a mission for me to save an entire race of people! Little ole’ Me! That Canadian English teacher! I was to save the universe in this delusion… and this flirtatious man, the shiny new bike in town, was somehow the Savior of the Universe. In Voronezh, Russia of all places.

I believed what I saw but I was also aware I’d been given some drugs that don’t work well together. I had an interaction with aliens but I can mentally write it off as medicinally-induced. I have to, otherwise, on my shoulders are the facts I've killed innumerable aliens and I'd have to live out my days with that life-altering traumatic event. If I really believed it, I'd be a lifelong catatonic with a wide spectrum of paranoia.

SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) is a collective term for scientific searches for intelligent extraterrestrial life, for example, monitoring electromagnetic radiation for signs of transmissions from civilizations on other planets. People from all over the world donated their computer idle time to sift through data taken from space where we might get lucky. The data made absolutely no sense to you, it was all just code, but you felt like you were doing your part in something grand. SETI shut its main doors not long ago because in short, there’s no intelligent data and it was costing a fortune. As a race, we’re still looking for aliens, we just don’t have this academic perk on our side.

And whether aliens have arrived through a paranormal portal or some way we have yet to conceive of, I cannot dispute. They may be walking among us. And they may be flying among us; the Pentagon has released videos of fighter jets following UFOs. I cannot accept or deny that what they were tracking was, indeed, aliens. If the reason for not divulging to the public that Area 51's "truth" would scare the public and they'd all go out and buy the last remaining toilet paper, hey - we've lived through 9/11 and Covid. Just what does the Pentagon think we'd be afraid of now?

Remember, whenever something like this happens in the movies, the FBI always tells the local sheriff that “we’ll take it from here.” Suffice it to say that along with allegedly killing off and stealing amazing tech done by loners like Nicholai Tesla or the guy who built a car that could run on water, the FBI could be sitting on the answers to our future. The FBI may be far ahead of the technology we consider "current."

Maybe in the FBI warehouse are man-made UFOs, anti-gravity boots, and electricity that can be sent through the air to charge your iPhone. So the UFOs the world is seeing might be the fruits of age-old projects engineered by our very own people. To us these phenomena are futuristic but to the FBI, they could be fifty years since that technology was first invented or discovered. They just keep toying with us by introducing 'sightings'. Why has a UFO never crashed in downtown Chicago in rush hour on Interstate 94? Why are they always fuzzy and distant?

Conclusion: I trust science and math, therefore I wholeheartedly agree there IS alien life out there - BUT - we haven’t connected with them yet. All we've ever seen is tv, movies, and books derived from our own creative attempts in science fiction to afford us a look at what a future encounter might look like.

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