To be the Tall Poppy is to stand out from the crowd - be it through innate ability, individuality, or hard work - and is a dangerous place to be in an environment of envy.  This sociological phenomenon has deep roots, referenced in Book V of Herodotus' Histories almost 2500 years ago...and little has changed since.  There is always another ready with the shears, to cut us down to size: surely, then, it would make sense to armour our vulnerable stem? Ah, but doing so would constrain the very growth needed to attain our full potential, limit as much as protect, and inside the fortifications we wither, weaken, and ultimately die. Better to grow unfettered.

The risk is balanced out, not by imposing restrictions upon ourselves, but by those that pour nourishment at our feet (fittingly, given the link to Herodotus, from a Grecian urn).  Too often we focus on those that wield the shears, and not those that pour the water....and knowing that though we may be cut down, with such support we will always grow again.

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