A Theory of Everything

Does it truly seem possible, to win against an all-powerful God? Are you up to that battle?... Do you really think this event is for you? And what would that defeat look like? Because I got a lotta faith he’d wipe the floors with you.

Late Physicist Stephan Hawking famously stated, "There may be a God... but science can explain the universe without the need for a creator."

To refute God, you need to use God as his concept. You need to fight Him with his tools on his territory, which is your territory. God has many attributes that fit easily into mathematics: Aseity, Eternity, Holiness, Immanence, Immutability, Impassibility, Impeccability, Incomprehensibility, Incorporeality, Infinity, Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience, Oneness, Transcendence, Trinity, Veracity, and Wrath.

This means everything we can explain, and everything can be explained with science, through physics, which is pure mathematics.

So, the universe speaks mathematics. Everything is numbers. In fact, to claim God existed before the Big Bang can make genuine sense since 1+1=2 was true even before the Big Bang. In a base reality, everything surrenders to numbers even before space and time get started. The natural and supernatural can be reflected in numbers.

We don't have all the answers yet, but physics is not dead. We cannot detect quantum gravity and we do not know what dark matter and dark energy are, yet we are certain the solutions will be found in the domain of physics. They will be solved with measurements, and numbers. Everything will be solved on the solid foundation of mathematics.

With mathematics as the prime motivation in an affidavit to God, we need to reflect on religion, we need this class action toward God to have some teeth.

* * *

"If we do discover a theory of everything...it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason—for then we would truly know the mind of God."
—Stephen Hawking

Once 1+1=2 was TRUE, the heavens began to open at the speed of lightning. And all mathematics was in a shadow, awaiting the millennia it took to get a firm grasp on math. Today’s grip is so academically strong, that I don’t see the likelihood of anything stronger, save God, that could escape our understanding.

Atheists view religious people like they believe that 1+1=3. But believers must believe 1+1=2 and 1+1+1-1=2. Because in the scientific and atheist view, 1+1=2, and therefore 3-1=2 absolutely; the moment 1+1=2 came into our existence, 21-19=2 became TRUE as well, and so did 6x2-10=2.

“2” is just the same answer, just different ways of getting there. Imagine how we process other people's belief systems. To a Catholic, a Protestant might get to "2" by 6-4=2, maybe Muslims see 1+5-4=2, Jehovah's Witnesses could use -6+8=2 or the Mormons might get there by the square root of four, √4. They all equal 2, they are all valid ways to get to the same number.

Like religions, they're all different but they praise a higher power in their own creative ways getting to "2" but to the scientist and atheist, simply 1+1=2.

We all have the same math. If 1+1=2 than ((3 x 3)-7 = 2) and 2x2-2=2 and √4=2, it must. If y is true, then y(-y) is true. If 1+1=2, then 5,238 x 67.43 = 353,198.34. It must! It is the same here and now as a zillion miles away in a zillion years.

And if 1+1=2 then an electron spins around an axis and has both angular and orbital angular momentum and because angular momentum is a vector, the Spin Quantum Number has both a magnitude (1/2) and direction (+ or -).

That is the truth. It must be for the math to work! Even if you don't understand this (as I admit I don't), it IS numbers… and they only add up to the truth.

There was a book called "The Physics of Immortality" by Frank Tipler who proved, mathematically, that we could survive death and reach the Omega Point of consciousness.

"The Omega Point is a term Tipler uses to describe a cosmological state in the distant proper-time future of the universe. He claims that this point is required to exist due to the laws of physics because according to him, it is required, for the known laws of physics to be consistent, that intelligent life take over all matter in the universe and eventually force its collapse. It is during that collapse, the computational capacity of the universe diverges to infinity, and environments emulated with that computational capacity last for an infinite duration as the universe attains a cosmological singularity. This singularity is Tipler's Omega Point."

So there... there's your resurrection, in harmony with and consistent with mathematics. But why is all of this true?

Simply because 1+1≠3.

And 2+2≠5.

And it must be true everywhere in the universe. Therefore, 1+1=2 even in a Black Hole, and Black Holes and singularities are where mathematics goes to die!

* * *

Let's start by looking at the world from high into the heavens where we often put God. Look down at the Earth from on high.

The worshippers of the "true God" are fragmented into some 4,000 recognized religions in the world today consisting of churches, congregations, faith groups, tribes, healing centers, cultures, mosques, movements, synagogues, and ways to worship and understand him. So, 4000 religions, 6.4 billion people, all worshipping God from God's view.

For the moment, God doesn’t care about whether he’s God or Allah or Yahweh or Elohim or whatever; he’s content to be the being of the most desirable highest power. It must be a joyful feeling for the omniscient.

Look at the cathedrals and churches, the parishes, and the congregations. Look at the artwork spurred on by faith. Look down at the turbans and know they are followers of God. How many colorful turbans? Each of those signals a belief in God. Not to you or me, but to God.

Look at the Muslims performing salat, their daily prayers they conduct five times a day. How many prayers per day? From sunup to sundown, prayers to God. Silent prayers chanted over and over and over... for what? For God. Believers are certain Allah hears each of these prayers and knows if one is missed or done without faith. Islam is a monster of a religion. But from God's view, high above, it is just numbers of people, praying or not praying.

Look at the number of people being baptized.  Look at the number of people being saved. Look at the number of crosses bouncing on necklaces. Look at the Christian tattoos. Look at the symbols that reflect a belief in God.

Look at your birthdate. Look at the current year. They reflect the reign of Christ on Earth. Thus, your own birthday signifies a quasi-belief in Christ. Jesus is largely inescapable in this prima facie skeptical relative humanistic secularist paradise we call Earth, and God is largely inescapable. Like a Black Hole. And Black Holes are where mathematics fails our best guesses...

IF GOD exists, there must be tons of information lying around to prove himself... but all we have are ape-like features, consciousness, and our present singular bodies which are the product of 27,000 ancestors.

I see lots of evidence for God, I just choose to see God=Universe, they are synonymous, through the numerical ways we connect with consciousness, and that "faith in something" is a requisite of our intrinsic nature. Faith in language and communication.

About 80% of the world's people identify with a religion. The most popular religion is Christianity with 2.4 billion people worldwide. Islam has 2.0 billion adherents. So, God mathematically owns the universe even if you don't believe in God because the majority wins… and 80% is significantly high.

Of the 22.8% of the American population is religiously unaffiliated, atheists made up 3.1% and agnostics made up 4% of the US population. Only 3.1% of us are atheists, that’s surprisingly low. Hell, the churches are empty.

It's all just numbers. The number of electrons in a shell, the number of women wearing burqas, the number of feet in a mile, the number of miles to New York City, the number of religious tattoos, the number of square feet in the White House, the number of guitarists playing “Eruption” at this moment, the number of ducks alive at this moment, "even the hair on your head are numbered..." - all numbers.

And 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 are not the only number system out there, in the Middle East they still use  ٠ ١ ٢ ٣ ٤ ٥ ٦ ٧ ٨ ٩, and Pythagoras, Aristotle, and the Greeks used their alphabet A, B, Γ, Δ, Ε, F, Ζ, Η, Θ. We can still use Roman numerals: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X. We should be aware of the benefits behind “our” Hindu-Arabic numerals, the sequence 0, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 is largely from the 16th century.

Beneath those, everything can be expressed in binary, a circle "o", and a line "|", like so: ||oo|o|o,(likely the first objects we drew in mud.)

If we are looking seriously at Planck lengths or String Theory and we find ourselves befuddled with the math inherent in such problems, we find ourselves in the pastoral nature of a transcendent reality, a pure mathematical schema that measures, configures, everything, whether we care or not. EVERYTHING gets measured!

Aside from this: the observer (you, a scientist, a device) is paramount to the outcome of the relationship between being seen or not being seen. Look at Thomas Young's Dual-split experiment for more. But observers are directly tied to the measurement. If you look at something, you change the outcome.

We do not understand this yet - except we each have an impact on the world we see around us. We are each a personal measurement carrier. And everything gets measured, though 99.999999999...999998 percent we are not aware of as it happens around us or out in space. It is the distance between stars we haven't yet seen. It is the distance from one photon from its source.

Curiously, a photon travels at the speed of light and so it is "frozen in time" and only has an ejection and an absorption point - which it "sees" as immediate. To a photon, there is nothing, no time, in between.

*   *   *

From numbers, we can represent them in binary, 1 or 0. In sets of eight, we can represent everything in the universe. 10110001, 00010111... so it is the matrix, the falling numbers, everything is code.

If God only read us as binary, we'd be boring, but he could as it is the essential language of the universe. But we are given a life to make sense of these numbers and best represent them however we see fit. We LIVE in binary even though we don't see always see it.

"God" in binary is 01000111 01001111 01000100.

Your life is nothing but numbers; the distance between you and your glass of wine can be represented by numbers, a sunset can be reduced to wavelengths, the number of cats the old cat lady down the street has, indeed even a cat's lives are numbered to nine.

My name is Brent so logically, in the Latin alphabet, my name is in sequence 2+16+5+12+18=53. It equals that in France and it equals that in the Orion Nebula. Wherever the Latin alphabet exists, Brent = 53. We define that patch of stars as the "Orion Nebula" in the Latin alphabet, so it exists there in theory.

If science has solved everything and has no need for God, then we MUST look at God to see what we've missed. I mean he said to “go forth and multiply”, so we’ve done that. We must look at our languages and cultures, religions and hobbies, our schedules and institutions, our poverty rates and our systemic supremacies, our prejudices and our entitlements, our next generation, and ourselves, for meaning.

We must find purpose on our journey through life. Because 10011010 is all we have. But we need clarification on who God is. The Bible and Qur'an are constructed abstractions of the true God of mathematics. They are stories for LIFE reinforced by the number of words, passages, verses, and chapters. The Qur'an tells you the Bible is true, the Qur'an states it is true. Yet they differ, they are both Abrahamic traditions, as is Jewish, often using the same characters. Anyone secular person who stands far enough back can clearly see these two world-driven religions are from the same genre, they are brother texts. Add in the Torah and you have the trinity of the trilogy. All three religions are united through Abraham (and later Mary, Jesus, etc.)

Ptolemy affirms the supremacy of mathematical knowledge over other forms of knowledge. Like Aristotle (384 to 322 B.C.) before him, Ptolemy (born c. 100 ce—died c. 170 ce) believes mathematics to be superior to theology or metaphysics because the latter are conjectural while only the former can secure certain knowledge. This was well-known before the Bible was ever written.

Everything is synthesized into a mathematical framework, from vision being electromagnetic wavelengths to sound being waves, to the observer and the experiment. Again, we find GOD by looking into the numbers. We find EQUATIONS, we find TRUTH, we find HIM. We only need to equate "God" with the "Universe" and -poof- it all makes sense. It makes the atheist a believer in God.

In fact to prove "God" loves you, imagine the hostile, cold, emptiness of the Universe and how LIFE appearing, any LIFE at all, would be a welcome sight. And with our fixed intelligence and centuries of scientific investigations, we are amazingly complex life forms deserving of the Universe's admiration. Our achievement is simply by existing. But our understanding of that simple fact came from us standing on the shoulders of giants.

Therefore, any "God" would love to see such LIVING BEINGS as ourselves emerging from the vacuum of space rather than another ball of helium. We are fixtures with an otherwise improbable chance at living. We would LOVE to find life elsewhere. We live in a "Goldilocks Zone" where our position from our sun is not too close to be too hot and not too far to be too cold, but just right. This is how we surmise if exoplanets, planets circling other stars, can support life.

We are all numbers; peripheral, hyperbolic measurements but numbers, nonetheless. And if we transcend the macro-world, we live in a universe of simple mathematical atomic structures. Math consumes everything we can sense or experience. We interpret the best movie we've seen or the last song we heard, through mathematics. Everything is digitized, everything is binary, and everything is numbers.

There are 8 binary characteristics that are used to represent the quantum states/codes of all subatomic particles and their interactions.

Electrons can take only two distinguishable values: spinning up or spinning down — the same binary characters as computer bits. So, at rock bottom, the universe consists of information; every elementary particle carries information.

I believe in Spinoza's god, who reveals himself in the lawful harmony of the world, not in a God who concerns himself with the fate and the doings of mankind ...." — Albert Einstein, To Rabbi Herbert Goldstein (1929)

God is a mathematical entity at the deepest level. He knew this math before the math was known, he knew the equations before the equations were developed, again, we find HIM! Because once 1+1=2, the blueprint for the architecture of the universe was instantly built.

He can answer prayers through numbers, he can put cancer into a numeric remission, he can predict a supernova, he can let a pope live a certain number of heartbeats, and he can make patterns in the waves of the ocean. It's all numbers.

Physicist Sanatan Hansda proved, “In religion, people believe that GOD is omnipresent. In physics, physicists are searching for the omnipresent truth. So, we can write an equation for GOD as:


In this equation (0), the LHS can be co-related with religion and the RHS can be co-related with physics (where LHS and RHS are ‘left/right-handed sides’).” There can only be a "0" or a "1", an "on" or an "off". This is dense mathematics, it is Quantum Entanglement Theory. It is what Einstein called, "spooky action at a distance," but it is mathematically sound. He fought its existence for the last twenty years of his life.

As we grow as a species, as we advance and a new right of passage emits A.I. transcendence, we are growing further from Biblical narratives and converging on the number of genders that surround us. We want to feel unique and at One with the Universe. Artificial Intelligence may be binary but it has the capacity to wipe out all we've done. We have to keep pace with accelerating wisdom and a prevailing sense of our individual spacetime. We don't lack problems or solutions, we just haven't aligned them. Sex was binary until the day it wasn't.

* * *

For our gains in physics and mathematics, we owe so much to the initial Christian pioneers of the Scientific Revolution who were the early Royal Society members. Sir Francis Bacon promoted scientific experimentation to glorify God and fulfill scripture.

Sir Isaac Newton was a devout Christian (however he refused to take holy orders in the Church of England). Beyond his work on the mathematical sciences, Newton dedicated much of his time to studying alchemy and biblical chronology.

René Descartes was a French philosopher, mathematician, scientist, and lay Catholic who invented analytic geometry and rejected any appeal to final ends, divine or natural, in explaining natural phenomena. In his theology, he insists on the absolute freedom of God's act of creation.

Galileo was a genuinely pious Roman Catholic who seriously considered the priesthood as a young man, but he talked his father into letting him study mathematics and natural philosophy. His name is biblical, referring to Galilee, or implying Christ and his followers. He was tried by the Inquisition for saying the “earth revolves around the sun,” found "vehemently suspect of heresy," forced to recant and sentenced to house arrest until his death.

Thus, our foundations of the modern world are built on God-fearing men who sought God’s answers to their big questions.

Science was born of religion.

For all the sciences to be universal, and complete, and for God to be a necessary part of the equation — we must contend that science is a product of religion. We must understand of such apes as ourselves have followed the quest for natural philosophies, of seeking out physics to its ultimate core which is the concrete "blueprint" of mathematics. That math makes up everything that has ever been or will be. And that therefore God exists as a manifestation of mathematics.

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