Today I had the pleasure to interview Steven Ashton.

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Here is a blurb from the about section of Steve's website.

Earth to Fork Nutrition founder Steven Ashton is a longtime foodie, gym owner and personal trainer. He has been involved in fitness and nutrition for the last 25+ years. Not only is nutrition his passion but also his way of life. After coming from a background in the elite Army Special Forces and the rigorous training that goes with it, he has used his knowledge of nutrition to help combat and slow down the degenerative effects of life and to maintain his own health. Years of wear and tear from carrying heavy loads and jumping out of aircraft had caused damage that he was not aware of. After being diagnosed with severe degenerative arthritis of the hip and lower spine, doctors attributed his excellent health and lack of pain to exercise and the strict anti-inflammatory diet he has practiced for many years.

After completing certifications in sports nutrition for Health and Performance and Fitness Nutrition, Steven completed the Holistic Nutrition Consultant program from Bauman College of holistic nutrition and culinary arts to learn more about nutrition and to better serve clients. He also founded the nutrition coaching company Earth to Fork Nutrition to bring his knowledge and love of nutritional coaching to others. Steven is committed to team up with like-minded healthcare professionals to provide clients with the nutritional knowledge to overcome disease and maintain great health and longevity.

Steven provides nutrition and wellness coaching. His main interests are in ancestral/paleo nutrition and cooking using healthy techniques. Steven’s approach to nutrition is to always follow scientific principles and to treat each case as an individual.

Steven’s personal crusade is to empower and educate kids on nutrition and exercise because this should be taught as early as possible. Too many adults were initiated to poor eating habits from the beginning and continue to eat poorly throughout adulthood. I want to plant the seed of body awareness and good eating in our youngsters.

Steven has certifications in personal training, CrossFit, kettlebells, Olympic lifting, kids fitness and seniors fitness. He is also a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation and is board certified by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals.

Here is the interview, I hope you enjoy it.

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