p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip

Left hand turns in thought are much like distancing yourself from your Ego only to turn towards envy. A path towards the clearing is not through the ditches of envy. If left is wrong, what is right? I propose indifference as right, yet incorrect. Darwinian sensibilities point our that we don't choose our inheritable traits. What makes a trait heritable in the first place? Something that replicates at a faster rate ??

With so many nodes of negation, the plethora of possibilities ensure categories of increasing complexities. These information structures of the "future will", will pave the way to prosperity. In order for lady liberty to remain in a state of timeless beauty, we will have to defend her existence. This is beyond the philosophy of existentialism, beyond Being and Nothingness. The p(x) philosophy is Big Data Determinism. Extracted from my mind, I self identify as Determined Compatibilist on the Shakespearean-like stage of life. My philosophy advances thinking on the plurality of information, should we regulate or restrict information if it means the destruction of the species? A Marshall Law restricting the flow of Information? Scary. But necessary? What is the tipping point? When does protection for the species kick in? When is individual liberty and survival no longer congruent? A dystopia perhaps, what if it's a natural progression? Humanity's truth story told from the subjectivity of the philosophies of the future. Subjecting humanity to the rigors of a changing human consciousness will be the future of philosophy. Stepping through this reality will be, as it always has been, the path to prosperity. This is our only fate, determined or not.

Take this quote, "If left is wrong, what is right? I propose indifference as right, yet incorrect." According to Dante, indifference is the opposite of good, not evil. Read without context you should assume a political commentary. Yet the context of the quote reveals a master morality. The context is in reference to the vectors of thought and the fulcrum of truth. Extrapolated from the synthesis-synapse of envy with indifference, Truth lies to us in the pursuit of happiness. The Veil of Ignorance and the Allegory of the Cave coalesce in the molds of our fluid Egos. Language is the Legos, the rubrics of imagined realities. The moral of the story for this micro anthology of Ethics is to cast your net far, consume, parse, and regurgitate knowledge in broadest sense possible. This upward potentiality is the future of our future.

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