p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip

The following Truth Statements were distilled out of my book of philosophy; p.(x) = Big Data Determinism. Chronologically they are:

  1. Starting with Cicero and Plato, the first truth is a epistemologically subjective. Not everyone resonates with the Socratic method or the pillars of political theory. Challenging certainties and societal norms lead to new paths with periodic clearings of cognition. The act of challenging doesn’t mean dismantling, even with deconstructive maneuvers, fundamental concepts and the building blocks of our Giants remain relevant to the history of our Being. Incipit to this title, language is the key to the praxis of philosophy as a whole and significant part of my aesthetique along with the aesthetic of determinism.
  2. Sometimes the truth takes you to dark places, or places that your bias don’t prepare you for. A self ad hominem of humility. Acknowledging that others are better equipped for this research is pragmatically truthful.
  3. The true path to truth is not through the eye of the a needle or dialectical acrobats.
  4. Truth lay before us as it did for Newton on the shores of his potentiality.
  5. Euclidean primitive notions defining the point in geometry is open to challenges from any truth seeker. This foundations is only as strong as the information structures it was built on. Rubrics of reality are incongruent with Quantum Mechanics as we understand it.
  6. The metaphysics of truth and the recognizing that some truths are ephemeral and change over time.
  7. More Will come.

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