p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip

Note: The supplemental companion to this book is the Literary Fiction; Will Freeman.

Will Freeman is a literary fiction, written about the fictions we create and the remarkable similarities we share with people around us. The author (Daniel Sanderson) uses his pen name (Cory Elliot), and alter ego as a supporting character in the story. Also a writer, the main character (Lucía Vega) works on creating a fiction similar to the fiction of her future partners’. Her undercover memoirs are written as a journal, in the present with a promise of a future, a life together with a person so intimate to her being she knows no other. A void with a promise of some day. A stranger on the other side of being and time. She cautiously moves forward in her narrative, searching, longing for the space between herself and the love she has to share. She is content with room for something more. Cory remembers the moments of the past, appreciating the ephemeral, a freedom forever changing. Together they meet, fictions in a fleeting moment of first encounter, brought together through the technology of Will Freeman and the A.I. (augmented versus artificial) of humanity. Moving forward, together they become undercover lovers, their love story everlasting. Can you spot the bot? What is fact, what is fiction, what is Bot and what is not? Throughout this title, Daniel Sanderson, uses machine learning algorithms to propagate thought concepts in more characters than just one. The connections are manifest. Uncover the patterns and pen pandora’s paradox.

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