p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip

I consider you, the reader, a Giant in your own right. Write to me. Tell me what research you want me to elaborate on. Is it the QFM Horizon Principle in Chapter 11 or the epicentre of thought radiating out from the Ego discussed in Chapter 17? How do you feel about my Letter to Academia and the udder silence that continues to pursue? Is it one of thousands of “fan mail” fielded by the Academic elite? If we want to build structures of engagement we need to rethink what it means to be engaged. Beyond a like or a follow, or a tweet or thumbs up there rests a potential. A potential to advance our individual and collective knowledge on subjects like Science, Reason, morality, ethics, Quantum Theory, and of coarse the P.A.S.F. filter for structured literature review and the Gadfly mnemonic app to assist in the coming shift in consciousness.

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