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This interactive video outlines the eight categories of services we offer at planksip. Despite this being a video presentation, you can navigate the nine services to the right by clicking on the most relevant service for you and in the order you want. I feel that all the services are valuable and showcase our commitment as an international media outlet to bring you the very best in audience development, engagement and return on your investment. By the way, all of our paid services cost less than a LinkedIn ad; that's right, none of the following services will cost you more than $200 per week. With the minimum weekly ad spend for a LinkedIn ad being $300, the value is clear, planksip can help you reach your goals. You can go ahead and choose the category that is the most relevant for you. 

A+ Executive Assistant

It's hard to scale your business and get the help you deserve. Our executive assistant program is $200 per week and gives you 20 hours of dedicated assistance from a shared executive assistant. Your executive assistant's hourly rate is only $10 per hour and can scale as your professional needs scale. Your executive assistant can do anything from follow up on sales calls, schedule meetings, pre-screen clients, post on social media or do research.

A+ Content Creation

The most obvious example of content creation is the interactive video you watching right now. This video was created with a combination of graphics created in Adobe Illustrator; the AI model was based on a photo shoot with yours truly, with my voice being added later through a D-ID API with the interactivity courtesy of Interactr. This interactive video would be a small sampling of our created content. For more examples of our work, go to We have created podcasts, YouTube shorts, live shows, and various long-form conversation series. Except for our commission-only sales service and FREE book publishing offering, we can provide content creation for $200 per week! 

A+ Social Amplification

How do you feel about guaranteed results on your YouTube channel? How about audience engagement on LinkedIn? Our social amplification strategies come with a guarantee. No engagement, and you don't pay. Watch the catch. There is no catch, we don't want to waste time with pretenders and marketers that can't fill a room and neither should you. Our social amplification package starts at $200 per week. Why $200 per week? Well, our roots are in digital advertising and running effective ad campaigns on big platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Linkedin all come with a price tag. Did you know that the smallest ad spend on LinkedIn is $300 per week? 

A+ Commission Only Sales

This is a relatively new initiative for planksip. We combined our lead-generation expertise with a commission-only sales offering to give clients what they want the most — SALES! Not all of our clients are looking for sales; however, the clients that do need sales really need sales, and everything else becomes secondary. Without sales, there is no business. I would hear from my clients, so we created a commission-only sales offering. When we talk about whether this is an option for your company, we need to focus on two things: 1) what are you doing for lead generation, and 2) what percentage of commission are you prepared to offer? 

A+ Lead Generation

Lead generation is a complimentary service offered as part of the commission-only sales service. In other words, we do not offer lead generation as a stand-alone service; the reason for this is that the number of top-of-funnel leads that we generate, vet and qualify is typically over 50,000 per month per client. Of course, this varies based on industry and the cost of your product or service. However, by having planksip cultivate your leads, our team will build rapport and trust. I am unsure if you have noticed, but the competitive landscape is intense. Generally, people are tired of being pitched or sold to; this means that the art of relationship building is more important than ever, and planksip will do this for you. Our lead-generation packages start at $200 per week.  Did you know that as an agency, planskip consistently outperforms larger platforms? 

A+ Executive Contributor*

As part of our Executive Contributor Program, you will be interviewed on the Cameron Journal with an exclusive article and photos, be featured on the Cameron Journal podcast, have access to the Cameron Journal community, and have access to one year of publishing articles with the Cameron Journal. The Executive Contributor Program is great for coaches, social media, thought leaders and executives. The Cameron journal can help if you want to expand your public presence.

A+ Public Relations*

Our public relations consulting includes a product review by Cameron Lee Cowan, me personally. Article about your product on the Cameron Journal, having your project and yourself featured on the Cameron Journal podcast. And you also get two times a month, one hour, one on one sessions with me on your media and public relations presence.

A+ Book Publishing 

We are an academic agency at the heart of planksip, helping thought leaders share their ideas with a wider audience. To offer a more attractive model for book publishing we decided to offer members who sign up for an Ideal Membership on There is plenty to discuss with this offer, we want to make sure that planksip is the ideal publisher for your book and goals. Let's talk about it, we would to hear your ideas. 

*NOTE: Provided by The Cameron Journal

As a final note, I read this on a post from PwC today (5/30/24);

Trust and Sustained Outcomes = The New Equation!