p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip

When self-replicating technology is singular with the human condition singularity is manifest. Our current biological “containers” will be evolutionarily obsolete. The key word is Evolution. This death march will be the fertile crescent of many a poet and fictive. Mind you, the ephemeral becomes digitized and discretely “uploaded”. The descent of man finally becomes transcendent, and asexual. Fear not my friends, the assimilation is imperceptible and ideally over a period of millennium. The final days will be blissful and respectful, remnants of a hospice in culture alone, Aristotle's final cause seams premature, for in the information we propagate and live on. Goodbye World.

“When writing becomes deficult, and the wordz make nonsense, I know I have lost my writing voice. Effort is not the answer, Science is.” - Dr. Cory Elliot, (fictional phenomenon)

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