First of all we have to acknowledge that Marcuse’s essay on Repressive Tolerance was written in 1965. Anti-war and civil-rights demonstrations, social revolution, and the rise of feminism were the catalysts for societal strife of the day. One man, Herbert Marcuse, emerged from this time as the "Father of the new-left".

I abandoned this responsion in light of watching the 2017 Nobel Prize ceremony. It is apparent that there are much more reliable means of establishing truths than dialectical acrobatics.

I may come back to this but for now it seems appropriate to move on to more more important conversations, or perhaps the best response is no response at all.

“From a physical reality, I am a positivist. From a human reality, metaphysics is definitely an influence. Develop a field theory of metaphysics. Go ahead. I dare you.” - Dr. Cory Elliot, (fictional phenomenon)

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