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Chaos aside, the guiding virtues are Hellenic or at least the Incipit capital of this narrative reply. You see this is more than a response to, this is a "correspondence with," a dynamic reciprocity and matching such as occur when gears, both in quick motion mesh.

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Read More, Spend Less

Read More, Spend Less should be our daily catch phrase. A minimalist's approach to consumptive living means reasoning through each purchase decision, trying to never purchase impulsively and only purchasing the necessities. At some point, we may be forced into socially defining essential services and building a crisis relief plan around the logistics of maintaining healthy and sustainable lifestyles without destroying our delicate ecosystems or increasing or carbon foot prints. Every consumer purchase is a potentially destructive proxy vote for the silent majority of non-human species trying to co-exist on this planet. What we purchase defines markets but also destroys the planet. Memories are no different. The memories we make define our Being. This is our philosophical starting point. Translated as ambiguous, subjective and purely chaotic, the pathway forward is ephemeral but ethical none-the-less. To make this article worthy of your readership is only part of the algorithm. The rest of the story, as I show you is anchored in the times of Ancient Greece and the movement towards perfection in face of eminent collapse. Incongruences aside, the aggregate of philosophical thought is orientated towards the West, sixteen points from the centre of the son.

Figuring out how to peruse is a consecutive cycle; each new ability expands on the dominance of recently learned aptitudes. At an opportune time, for instance, youngsters figure out how to separate words into their most essential sounds in a cycle called unraveling. Afterward, they start to fathom the significance of words, sentences and, eventually, whole sections of text.

Unraveling makes the establishment on which all other perusing abilities are fabricated. For some, disentangling easily falls into place, rapidly turning into a programmed cycle. For individuals who battle to disentangle words, notwithstanding, the cycle requires such extraordinary fixation that they frequently miss a great part of the significance in what they read. To be sure, as indicated by numerous specialists, unraveling issues are at the foundation of most understanding handicaps.

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The Incipit capital of this narrative responsion is Hellenic. This is more than a response to, this is a "correspondence with," a dynamic reciprocity and matching such as occur when gears, both in quick motion mesh. Thus, our question as to the nature of philosophy calls not for an answer in the sense of a textbook definition or formulation, be it Platonic, Cartesian, or Lockeian, but for an Ent-sprechung, a response, a vital echo, a "re-sponsion" ...

... Thank you George Steiner

When I think of consumption I think of Eliza Poe, an actress and inspiration for so much of the deviant thought left behind by her troubled son, Edgar Allan Poe. She died of Consumption and now under a completely different and unrelated disease we are infected on a global scale by consumptive consumerism. Symptoms are dissimilar, yet the prognosis is sui generis, once you realize you have it, it's too late! Altering the inevitable or co-speciation are the only two options. The multiplicity of Environmental philosophers, like myself, happens to be one self acknowledged step forward in the right, or wrong, direction, we decide. The circularity of the previous statement is laughable and telling because directionality is the dictum, our (inner) dictator, and homunculi are pulling the strings or acting as if they are. And yet the choice remains, give up or die trying.

Let me explain,  

Referring to the hidden parts of our consciousness, Edgar embodied a narrative imp to describe one's proclivity towards danger and error. This imp compels you to blurt out an inappropriate speech-act in a social gathering or sense danger and move towards it.  Contrasting the Poe's concept of the Imp within the context of his corpus of work, I scaffold a false dichotomy for discussion. Opposite Poe lies the Platonic ideal, the Aristotelian forme and all the games of chance that descend from the Astraguli. Actually there can be sadism in gambler but she is the outlier.

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I am envisioning an imp on the left with forme on the right, the biology of what makes humans humane moves between one and two o'clock. More like a late lunch the automaticity of the clock is counter intuitive. A movement past midnight is the long silence we dread with an automaticity that defies life itself.

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Heuristic speaking, Horology is Habitual. Is my one o'clock the same as your one o'clock? Bias makes the ideal counter intuitive, yet intuition continues to (in) forme our understanding towards consciousness. More on this later.

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