Walt Witman's poem, 'Song of Myself' contains 52 sections, thought to run counterpoint to the weeks in the year, we will keep this in mind as we also use the metaphor of a deck of cards, 52 of which we play pick up; one at a time, section by canonical section. For the love of poetry and the multitudes of the self, let's sing the song of the self.

As I witness and wait, patience is my highest virtue. Paid in mimesis the currency is more like the contagion of consumerism, so what we consume makes living a life worth living. Let me count the ways in a random shuffle of the deck. The goal of this project was to take the entirety of Walt Witman's 52 section magnum opus and through a little random dis-order to the chaos, I will re-order the multitudes of the self. Does it make sense? Let me know what you think.

BTW, the randomizer is run weekly and published here. Weekly responsions are published on the planksip blog as well as a weekly newsletter (I know, you need another newsletter like you need a hole in the head).

At any point in the poem below you can click the Random Shuffle link. This will re-order the page to the published weekly version with unique videos (multiplied by 52). With one year of randomization, the multitudes contained in what is Walt Witman emerges in a new light. What does Big Data tell us? Let's find out together, join me on this journey.