Our Publishing Model

Our goal at planksip is to provide a unified voice for emerging authors and aspiring thought leaders

Daniel Sanderson
Apr 27, 2020
2 min read

Our Publishing Model

You left your model on the road - Another planksip non sequitur

Like a warm cup of coffee - plank - SIP is consumptive in nature. #Googleplanksip

Executive Summary

Starting in 2016, planksip is a boutique digital book publishing agency and media outlet specializing in publishing content related to the Ethics and Science of Climate Change, Philosophy, Psychology, Astronomy, Quantum Physics, and Biology as it relates to the Neuroscience of behaviour and culture. Hellenic Western Philosophy and contemporary thought leaders act as a starting point for our preferred culture narratives and curation of authorship. Counterpointed with philosophy-inspired content throughout, our approach is to offer a subscription-based publishing service for North American authors and subsidized incentives for those in need. The goal is for authors and thought leaders to compete on the world stage of ideas and thought dissemination.

Our monthly subscription model of $101 per month (Canadian Funds) includes unlimited publication and output of digital versions in our unique iterative publishing model.

On the road to success, planksip is here to help!

You left your model on the road

planksip plans to partner with existing publishers, as our focus is pre-publishing, peer-review community building, mentorship, marketing, and digital-only offering. An initial financial analysis of the viability of this venture shows outstanding promise and results. The popularity and commercialization of self-publishing have convinced most writers that the internet is a real and significant way to increase sales and brand awareness and decrease costs, making written works and publishing more accessible and attainable for more citizens.


Hiring for the full-time position of:
Director of Donations and Philanthropic Support
- $90k-$120 per annum
- Mandated to bring in revenue opportunities and sponsors for writers.


Hiring for the part-time position of:
Software Engineer for the Gadfly app
- $40k-$60 per annum


Selection of four (4) paid advisory positions (by vote):
- ranging from $40k-$60k per annum
- speaking engagements and podcasts mandatory
- existing planksip Journalists will be given priority and 2:1 voting equity


Selection of eight (8) paid advisory positions (by vote):
- ranging from $40k-$60k per annum
- speaking engagements and podcasts mandatory
- existing planksip Journalists will be given priority and 2:1 voting equity

Education – planksip would like to not only grow in terms of finances, but personally as well. Significant resources will be spent to educate in new fields of technology, management, and personal growth. planksip services will encompass all aspects of written creative expression with a subsidiary initiative directed towards the artistic community.

In conclusion, this model projects rapid growth and will focus on quality content and membership over the next three years. Critical mass numbers of members is essential to the success of this business model. Implementing this plan will ensure that planksip rapidly becomes a profitable venture for all interested parties.

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