p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip

Proust - 2.6 with a 3.77 S&P Geometric Mean

“There is a touch not of negation but of divine largess in Shakespeare's, in Proust’s, occasional inattentions: a personage once eliminated reappears, a location is erroneously altered, a professed chronology goes awry. Distracted by… “ - George Steiner

“... were up-stream, presides over the homeward voyage of Odysseus, over the return to the Pilgrim to the primal front - to the ‘baptism’ of being - in the Commedia. It is the inward spiral at the substantive and formal heart of Proust’s Recherche.” - George Steiner

“Of strategies of solitude founded on illness, that of Proust is among the most consequent. The crux is not the psychosomatic aetiology and tenor of his asthma, of pulmonary crises which rendered any normal existence impossible after the …” - George Steiner

“Do we not know how too much about, say Byron or Heine or Proust, such knowledge being knowingness and diversion? Yeats’s disjunction remains a warning: ‘perfection of the life or of the work.’  The issues are further bedevilled by the intuition …” - George Steiner

“Noise maddened Proust and made writing impossible. Kafka’s last parable, The Burrow, details the terror of even the faintest sound when it penetrates the artist’s asylum. Objectively, noise levels, the volume of acoustic and amplified …”  - George Steiner

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