A Critic's Meta-Review: 4/5

Pride and prejudice - two things we all sure could do with a hell of a lot less of. You know, that sentence seems kind of...off. I have read it back to myself several times, and cannot seem to pinpoint for the life of me what exactly is wrong with it, but it just doesn’t strike the ears in a particularly pleasant way. I don’t know, man. It’s two in the morning; let me live.

Humility and understanding - that is what the world is in need of today. Because, honestly, you and I both know what the world is today: a ball of confusion. You will drive yourself crazy trying to resist all of the temptations and traps it sets out to test your tenacity. But your madness will pale in comparison to those that have given up and adopted the plan of inaction offered to them by this global system of control we call Planet Earth.

Have no fear. Fear is what leads people to be prideful, and prejudiced. And we don’t want any of that sort of stuff spreading around. As it is, we’ve got the ‘rona; adding new flavours into this flaming vat of cataclysmic Kool-Aid would be more than enough to make even Jim Jones himself blush.

Fear leads to...Nah. I ain’t gonna do it.

I ain’t ripping off Yoda.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (1775-1817). Published by planksip

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