A Critic's Meta Review: 4/5

Poems of Edgar Allan Poe by Edgar Allan Poe (REVIEW)

I have to be honest here - even though I am a lover of all things literature, particularly the poetic form, I have never really held the works of Edgar Allan Poe in especially high regard. I know that this is likely blasphemy, and I should probably be tarred and feathered (which I am fine with, as long as I do not receive the William Wallace treatment) for such a bold proclamation. To be sure, I do not mean any disrespect here. I mean, I know, I know - I insulted him a little bit. But I didn’t mean to be out of order or anything. I am simply telling you how I truly feel about the man.

Alright? Okay.

Good to know we are on the same page here, in terms of understanding where I am coming from.

You do understand...right?

I am not saying he was a bad poet. If anything, I am a much worse poet. I mean, it is all subjective - of course - but, by nearly every metric, Poe was a much more skilled poet than I am right now. However, I have a feeling that, perhaps in the years to come, I may eclipse the man. I do not mean to be cocky, for humility is one of the most important traits one can possibly cultivate. I just think that I am going to eventually reach a point where I would rather read my own poems than his. And I am not really a fan of reading my own poems for leisure. I usually just read them to make sure they aren’t complete garbage.

Why do I not care much for the works of Poe? Is it because he often explores dark subject matter? This could not possibly be the case, as I deliberately go out of my way to find works of art that do just that. Is it because his poems are old and, therefore, more difficult to read? That is unlikely to be the culprit, as well, for I have spent plenty of time reading things written well before Edgar Allan Poe was even a twinkle in his father David’s eye.

What is it, then? The simple answer is that I am not entirely sure. I just find him to be a bit overrated is all. Like I said - no offense intended to the man, as he is certainly a formidable and prolific artist in his own right. I just ain’t going out of my way to read his stuff.

Maybe I will come around one day. Who knows? I am liable to change my mind.

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