p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip

Plato’s Socrates would lead the dialog towards discovery. Punctuated education is sui generis with the epistemology of planksip®. Powered with patience, gratitude is axiomatic to the open system we define as you.

In ancient Greece there were three areas of fundamental knowledge, thinking and understanding. First and rightfully so, science dominates epiteme. The second, and keystone bridging episteme with wisdom is phronesis, other-wise-known-as practical reasoning. Wisdom was the hint to the third and final greek forme of knowledge; sophia

For me, abstract thought is forme. Making metaphors out of meanings is just what we do! If we had a function in this universe telling our story would be the only goal, survival is the methodology. Goals are achieved through purpose and this is nothing more than a teleology. Our stories define us as a species and I for one think we can make our stories better.

In the spirit of improvement lets see we can improve the US political system. I say we because I am not an american citizen and only a member of the Republic can marshall such a systemic change.

Remember the three areas of knowledge, thinking and understanding? Once again they are; science (episteme), practical knowledge (phronesis), and philosophy (sophia).

Imagine an ancient Greek arch. The keystone is functional thinking with philosophy on the left and science on the right. Mapped onto the political spectrum science is on the right because it usually is. By right, I also mean conservative. I realize this may not be the current state of the affairs but for now let's assume that the conservatives get science on their side. To the left is philosophy. I predict that there will be a huge opportunity for the creative of our kind to realign within society and make the entire system, including the united states more efficient.

With philosophers making thirty-two percent of society, where are we going to get all these philosophers from? Education is the only answer. I outline a paradigmatic economic shift or realignment towards the love of learning.  Yuval Harari predicts the coming of the useless class, an exponentially growing segment of our society that are of no value. We must adapt to this change of valuation. The greatest opportunity for humanity is found between ears, a valuably untapped and potentially endless natural resource.

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