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A Bird's Eye View - A Playful planksip Commentary on the Directionality of Light and Perception

Incipit with planksip literary analysis, I have already deconstructed and demonstrated the entire process elsewhere; today's exposition further explains the S&P (for Socrates and Plato, respectively).  First of all, you have to run the P.A.S.F. filter. Once you have this relational data set, you can selectively remove instances of Plato, Socrates and Aristotle.

The S&P (Socrates and Plato) multiplier and the S.P.A. (..., Aristotle) multiplier require a definitional and teleological (goal-based) explanation. Relevant to the foundation of all that is planksip and the philosophy of p.(x)., the planksip approach to literary analysis is Socratic, Platonic and Aristotelian. This foundational Hellenic assumption reifies Alfred North Whitehead's claim, "The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.” This does not mean that the approach is dogmatic or that dogmatism infiltrates and persuades even our cherished Hellenic hegemony. Utilizing either multiplier (S&P or S.P.A) is optional and of diminishing value outside "European philosophical tradition." Or is it? We find uses everywhere we look, be it East or West.

Isolating the influencers is the intent with the S&P and S.P.A. multipliers. It turns out to be incredibly powerful when comparing, for example, George Bernard Shaw with Sam Beckett, Herbert Marcuse with Walter Benjamin, George Eliot with Virginia Wolfe, or any of these thinkers with the watchwords of such powerful philosophical concepts as Ethics, Free Will, Art, Aesthetics, and culture. This is but a sampling of the potential for this approach to literary analysis. Rigour is required to sustain validity and sound intentions.

The power of this approach is manifest in complex correlations beyond simple exposition; a dynamic rubric of sorts is created for every analysis, but I will not elaborate on this right now. I elaborate on Big Data as the keystone of an Ethics chain elsewhere. I will say that the data collected is vast and tremendously important. This exposition intended to expand on and provide a platform for subjective, a priori musings and creative co-creation.

Spreadsheet data is the starting point for many creative expositions on the planksip blog and literary criticism and review. This data set is shareable, and once it is in a group review environment, it's the artfully articulated perspectives that follow the removal of the 'trilogy' (Socrates, Plato and Aristotle) push the boundaries of the status quo (philosophically speaking) and coupling this the technology of snippet expansion from TextExpander and the capacity for output increases exponentially. The stability of this dynamically created information structure is achieved in various ways. First, isolating data sets and utilizing the captured intelligence or insight is redundant if the information has changed. It is a moving target. To isolate the influences in a data set from the populous is a movement of sorts (i.e. moving target) and partially accomplished with the above-mentioned S&P and S.P.A. multipliers. The removal of the tryptic dogleg of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle also removes the preconditions for Christian embodiment and redemption narratives, shifting the emphasis to other intellectual giants. Brought back in summary expositions and counterpoints, counterfactual rhetoric is instrumental and encouraged because it is done with an empirical data set. I have found this to be an objective way to approach my culture subjectively, and other thinkers and public intellectuals may agree or not.

Undeniably indelible until it is (pause) forgettable! Unforgettable is simply regrettable in every sense of meaning and implies ethics. We know better or should. Should is the watchword for ought; for me, ought implies ethics.[1]

Despite my bias towards an Ancient Greek Hegemony, the claim against humanity climaxes in a dramatic death with Plato's Apology and finds our greatest living authors taking the cake, or "pyramis."[2] Consider the approach from above versus below. Inductive versus deductive reasoning is a chain, train and stream of thought; take your pick. The heuristic is yours to share. Biologically speaking, the cascading neural network is worthy of discussion but comes to the table with some background knowledge; I would suggest Sapolsky's Behave and Pinker's How the Mind Works. So why don't we create this way? Why are we not more aware of the brain and how it functions?

At planksip, we do philosophy and marketing! The registered copyright for planksip states the following...

Agency services, namely, promoting the interests of academics and authors through the exhibition of their works and the distribution of electronic versions of their works; Media agencies specializing in promoting the interests of academics and authors through the exhibition of their works and the distribution of electronic versions of their works; Search engine optimization for individual promotion; Social Media engagement strategies promoting author's intellectual property, namely books and articles, intended to enhance the comprehension of an author's intellectual property.

So what is enhancing the process that planksip offers? This is the key to the entire copyright. Individual agency is an illusion oriented towards an allusion. However, group agency is an agreed body of ethical language and knowledge. Orienting towards complete and absolute knowledge over the function of time Will Freeman.[3]

A planksip is a captured thought concept, the philosophical moment of pause and reflection originating in the frontal cortex. Recording these moments of cognition represents the first step in propagating the thought concepts for cultural replication. Book by book, the planksip process developed into the stage that it is now and is still evolving. You are all here to learn more, and I am here to teach you.

Parse then Prosper

After the allusion from pruning or a neuron, myelination is the endgame. Ethics should be the mechanism we use to reify meaning and for-me, defines the boundaries of human consciousness and agency. Does this make me a dualist? This is Aristotle's fault, but yes, we all are. We have no choice. Thought of like a Broadway performance, the show must go on.


A living archetype is a one-of-a-kind fictional phenomenon, and culture makes it so.


1: Searching for or highlighting the italicized term "should" will return results of ethical dispensations. Should is the watchword for ought; for me, ought implies ethics. Digital book readers arm your Ctrl+F fingers; traditional book readers, ready your highlighters. "Should" will return a micro anthology on the Ethics of planksip (within and throughout the p.(x) book of planksip philosophy 978-1-7750571-2-3. Throughout this book, and the companion Literary Fiction title, Will Freeman (2023) 978-1-7750571-0-9, is a subcutaneous peppering of Ethics according to planksip.

2: The word 'pyramid' comes from the Greek word 'pyramis', which means 'wheat cake.' The word 'pyramis' was used to describe the ancient Egyptian buildings because they reminded the Greeks of pointy-topped wheat cakes.

3: Will Freeman (2020) 978-1-7750571-0-9 - estimated release date; September 2023.

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