Ontology Defined

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

- Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Birds Helping Birds
Ecosystems are Delicate Delicacies - A planksip® Möbius

It may be more of an Ethology than an Ontology, but beautiful none-the-less. The delicate ecosystem that sustains us is disappearing at an "extinctive" rate.

Ontology of the Gadfly using the planksip® Methodology...

Note: planksip® is used throughout this literature as both as a propriety marker for learning (see Biological Definition of planksip® heading) and an organic pluralistic platform for the p.(x) philosophy. To complicate things further, planksip® is used outside this literature as a brand for authors and academics to disseminate thought concepts and intellectual property.

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)
- Walt Witman

In this particular instance, a metaphor for the aggregate of metaphysics that myelinates a slurry of thought into something more concrete actually presupposes the presupposition. Statements are in themselves not only declarations but experienced Plutonic ideals. Future experience is anticipated awareness (Sanderson 2020), a movement towards something concrete and defined is worth pursuing. Definitions define action potentials through the taxonomies and linguistic structures contained within and throughout all philosophical definitions of ontology. The canon of computer science isolated the metaphysical aspect of the ontological experience - explicit formal specifications of the terms in the domain and relations among them (Gruber 1993) - by decoupling the subjective from the objective. The pivot point for artificial intelligence is a matter of bifurcation and information flow. In fact, it's instrumental. Are you missing the point? Read on.

As a philosopher, my goal would be to see support from the www Consortium (W3C) to implement a subjective feedback environment regulated by Markov chains, as outlined in this Gadfly project into augmenting future iterations of the Resource Description Framework (Brick and Guha 1999), parsing the abundance of unnecessary "noise" without sacrificing the subjective aspects of thought. it was a challenging framework to conceptualize and the work continues. Compatible with the DARPA Agent Markup Language (DAML), future iterations focus on agent interaction on the internet (Hendler and McGuinness 2000). The type of interactions is explored in greater detail in the p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020).

A common language for philosophers of the future gives Kings and kin alike an augmented Artificial Intelligence with planksip® as the domain and sandbox for concept testing. The Gadfly app is a compacted next step intended to deliver a measurable philosophy of self-replicating wisdom. Goals are as follows:

  • To integrate planksip® domain knowledge with operational knowledge
  • Share structural information in real time
  • Repurpose planksip® domain knowledge
  • Limit planksip® domain assumptions- Provide a sound logical ontological framework

As planksip® supporters, contributors and potential programmers move outside the planksip® environment with the intention and ability to share a common understanding of information among people or software agents the industry insiders (Musen 1992; Gruber 1993) [a] similar sentiment was included in the original design motivation for developing the Gadfly app. Commercially available Bluetooth devices are easily integrated into the experience to simultaneously disseminate mnemonic cues through multi-directional nodes of input (Sanderson 2020). Time interval variations are discussed in discrete packets of sequential information flow, negating temptations towards quantum relativism. The packets populate in increments of 50ms, giving agents an order of magnitude increase to create and propagate thought.

The Artificial-Intelligence literature defines an ontology in many different ways and these definitions often contradict one another. The Gadfly app utilizes a working definition of ontology as a formal non-specific framework of concepts in the domain of thought propagation. As far as I am aware, the 'non-specific' aspect of the ontology is the difference between the Gadfly ontology and other Artificial-Intelligent frameworks. However, the properties of each concept are limited by role restrictions (sometimes referred to as facets) and properties of each concept describe various features and attributes of the planksip®.

Biological Definition of a planksip® through Long Term Potentiation (LTP).

In a distal playground of thought, the daily chunks are never digested in the present.

What type of learning is taking place? It's not the memorization of a phone number or a flashbulb childhood memory. The learning captured and reconstituted is the ah-ha moment of non-linear excitation where the learner learns. Learning isn't the problem, the recall function is where cognition falls off. Wittgenstein's beetle in the box points to the beetle as the ambiguous representation of the language game, the box contains the subjective experience. The planksip® is this container, the ontological framework, the mnemonic worthy of myelination. (with your help we shall reconcile Epistemology).

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