One - The Ultimate Fictional Expression of Self Similarity

p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #GoogleplanksipFractals are fascinating,  our consciousness runs counterpoint to the laws of the universe. I am hesitant to say, “fine-tuned” because

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p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip

Fractals are fascinating,  our consciousness runs counterpoint to the laws of the universe. I am hesitant to say, “fine-tuned” because of the implications of a tuner or a tinkerer. Consciousness will change. This is inevitable. It may not be measurable in the next decade but let’s pause for a moment and acknowledge a 5,000-year awareness of the self in a social, replicable sense. Sui generis with Science is self-replicating social awareness. The fall of Science is the fall of humankind as we know it. In the meantime and in between time we have user illusions and the quantum world. Fundamental to the expansion of the universe, entropy permeates and makes possible the diversity we find in life. Complex beings will become more complex or thrive trying. Survival is bringing order to the chaos of complexity. As our consciousness expands, so must our perceptions. I find it rewarding to imagine 5,000 years from now, how about 50,000 years, 500,000 years, 5 million years, or 5 billion years from now. What will the human species look like? Is consciousness the same? This is, of course, assuming a preemptive extinction. Thinking so is naive. For me, the more probable outcome of this thought experiment is a merger with technology, the direction of which is dictated by the efficiency of information. A disruption in resources may slow this inevitable march forward, but only one thing will stop this metamorphosis of the human species and that would be the extinction of prior knowledge. A reset, the extinction of what it was like to be human returns the entire existence of humanity to nothingness. Awareness is consciousness. Without awareness we have no consciousness.

Consider the concept of one. Imagine one as a fictional construction of categorization. One of anything is a fallacy of thought and I defend this throughout the philosophy of p.(x). and approach this question from a physics perspective and a uniquely Euclidian clarification of the point.  Focusing on the philosophical underpinnings of a fallacy that frames the construction of an unchanging unity as self-similar to the illusion (and allusion) of the self. One boat, one plane, one electron, one Planck length. None of these exist in a vacuum. In a literal sense we know what’s not be true but we do know that one cannot exist without another “one” to define it. Mathematically, “Limit Theory”, is not a popularized RPG that Google may tell you it is. Approaching one, as Dirac so elegantly proposes, “Cartesianizes” this function of binary information flow. There is more to the story than on and off but only by a Planck length. In Chapter 11, I elaborated and lay the foundation for the Quantum Field Mechanics  (QFM) Horizon Principle.

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Daniel Sanderson

Published 2 months ago