Nothing Does Exist

Nothing Does Existp.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Philosopher Daniel SandersonNothing does exist. Leave it to the humanoid forme to imagine nothing. The supporting evidence is the blank slate.

8 months ago

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Nothing Does Exist

p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Philosopher Daniel Sanderson

Nothing does exist. Leave it to the humanoid forme to imagine nothing. The supporting evidence is the blank slate. How ironic! Nothing exists because we can imagine nothing. We have imagined nothing. Infinity and nothing have everything in common, sui generis and self-replicating into more nothingness.
For me, the very first cultural proof indicative of the subsequent Socratic pivot and the Western philosophical tradition of truth-through-abstraction started with Thales and Anaximander. What I meme to say is replicating as we speak. The seed was planted in part by Pythagoras and the metaphysics of the number. As ancient as consciousness itself, the transformation was biological. Increasing the PFC by a magnitude of four, the idealized and fictionalized human stands before you, behold millions of years of evolutionary success. Marvel at the adaptation and the fitness of your survival. Oddly possessive this ownership of survival, on a species level the story is more than historical, it's evolutionary! Attenuated to the identity of the current version leaves the vessel wondering in the aisle of blessed, the self-help section of Industry, forgetting the isle of the blessed and the Fortunate Isles of Greek mythology.

Semantics quickly envelops the conversation. I stand on terra firma when I say, Thus Spake Zarathustra. Command into existence by Friedrich Nietsche is it ex nihilo? For the purpose of this thought vector, the relationship is one of the possibilities. Beyond the possible lies the truth, is revealing. Everything lies beyond the possible in violation to the logic that determines all. Coordinated Cartesian imaginings is hardly fatalistic. This is also a byproduct of the historical dialectic pitting inevitability (after-the-fact) with fate. Albeit deterministic, there is one fatal flaw with non-acting imagined futurities of fatalism and that's blind non-justice (assuming Justice is necessary for the system to function, a beneficent dogma worthy of Law). Our current consciousness and isn't so far distant from the Ancient Greeks or the cave painters of Altimiral; we can not, not be! The double negatives don't negate the possibility but the automaton is artificial intelligence personified, demonized yet we plunge towards her discovery. Inevitable for sum, the consumptive approach is additive and iterative. Complex systems subsist within cranial cavities of contingency and alternative outcomes. Isocrates is often labelled as a sophist, hardly a pejorative worthy of its misplaced assignment. For me, Isocrates represents the language of rhetoric sans pejorative. Several astragali throws away from animal sacrifice and probabilistic outcomes. It seems conceivable to me that these games of chance prepared learningness [^N]. Cultural coevolution places me in camp Wilson, Edward O that is! Yet, the adoption of this sematic is dogmatic to some, flawed to others. For me, it's instructive when taken counterfactual to the likes of the following members of the "Reality Club".

THE REALITY CLUB:  Stewart Brand, Daniel Everett, David C. Queller, Daniel C. Dennett, Herbert Gintis, Harvey Whitehouse & Ryan McKay, Peter J. Richerson, Jerry Coyne, Michael Hochberg, Robert Boyd & Sarah Mathew, Max Krasnow & Andrew Delton, Nicolas Baumard, Jonathan Haidt, David Sloan Wilson, Michael E. Price, Joseph Henrich, Randolph M. Nesse, Richard Dawkins, Helena Cronin, John Tooby.

I feel like it's me and Wilson against the world, with our corporate sponsors being Tom Hanks and FedEx. Not that I am completely and utterly committed to the Wilson perspective. Let's investigate further. Focus on root causes and this may give some solid foundation for groups "effecting" the environment.
Note: I plan to delve into each of the thinkers above and understand their nuance and contributions to the conversation. Structure added for some further stability and replication.

[^N]: Prepared Learningness was a term introduced by psychology {add more}

Daniel Sanderson

Published 8 months ago