More Co-Creation

Socratically inspired, this midwifery of sorts is an aesthetic arrangement, a revealing process on display for all to experience. Let's co-create and disseminate!

More Co-Creation Projects with planksip

Notes from Room 227 with Douglas Marolla and Daniel Sanderson

Teaching my Dad to Game with the Biscuit Riskkers Clan

Librivox Audio Books - Classics (Greek & Latin Antiquity)

This growing collection of audiobooks is from the wonderful work of contributors involved with the Librivox platform and focuses on the Classics from Greek and Latin Antiquity

"a rap style masterpiece" - A Promised Land by Samir Samson

The Continental Divide with Rebecca and Massimo

Reflections with John T. Lysaker, Ph.D. (Coming Soon)

Scott & Dan's High Ontology

PREPARE for a close encounter with the most beautiful and profound audiovisual artifact in television history — The Ascent of Man (1973).

Jacob Bronowski’s poetic and crystal clear survey of humanity’s greatest moments of cognitive penetration will leave you flabbergasted. Jacob takes you behind the scenes and relives our greatest intellectual climaxes—from Australopithecus through quantum mechanics—in a way that is impossible to misunderstand.

Hosted by Scott & Dan’s High Ontology—a newly launched YouTube and Facebook podcast—we are inviting you to participate in the Live Event on the planksip.

Doot Da Do, What To Do? A Children's Book by Charlet Odette

Let’s listen to Charlet Odette and her children’s book Doot Da Do, What To Do?

Queer is Here to Stay with Ronnie

Everyday Heroes with Norman

Norman Stickle suffered his entire life from epilepsy, he has had surgery to relieve his symptoms and functions now as an inspiration to heroes everywhere. We helped Norman with his YouTube channel, a GoFundme campaign and a hosted series called Everyday Heroes.

Philosophy Talks with Daniel Sanderson

Philosophy talks is a series by yours truly about philosophy. What can I say, this particular series is ideal for talking about philosophy.

Consciousness & Consililence

This is a weekly planksip podcast with co-host and founder George Gantz. As the title suggests we speak about consciousness, consilience and the spectrum that binds the two.

The MYTH of JESUS with David Fitzgerald

David Fitzgerald is a writer and historical researcher who has been actively investigating the Historical Jesus question for over ten years. He lectures around the country at universities and national secular events and is best known for his book Nailed: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed at All (2010)  and The Complete Heretic's Guide to Western Religion series.

Keeper of Indigenous Voices

Leaning into Stupididy

LIVE Science Fiction with Kate and Adam

Kate, Adam and Daniel converse about Epic-ness is and the exciting projects in store for this series. We will be talking weekly about Science Fiction and the ethos of making every day more epic than the day previous.

What is Suffering? (with Kal Holczler)

Kal Holczler and Daniel Sanderson touch on a broad range of topics including; Judeo Christian values, "owning" your suffering, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro and much more.

Epic and Epiphenomenal

In this premiere episode of Epic and Epiphenomenal, Kate, Adam and Daniel converse about Epic-ness is and the exciting projects in store for this series. We will be talking weekly about Science Fiction and the ethos of making every day more epic than the day previous.

Al Talks!

BE DIFFERENT or be dead with Roy Osing

The Aura of Arora with Samir Samson

Revamped and rebranded, we are relaunching under the brand of the one and only Samir Samson.

Financial Futures Series with Karl Sjogren

A performance-based capital structure for venture-stage initial public offerings.

The Fairshare Model was conceived to deal with the uncertainty involved in establishing a value for a venture-stage company. There are ways to mitigate the risk of getting it wrong in a private offering, and deal terms. But there is no equivalent in an IPO. The Fairshare Model changes that with a deal structure that places no value on future performance. It does that by providing shares for future performance that vote but cannot trade; they convert into the tradable stock based on performance milestones.

Coming Soon...

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