p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip

The contradictions of Marxism are manifest. Firstly, Karl Marx was Jewish by descent and birth. He wrote vile and virulent Utopian propaganda. His "final solution", to his Jewish "problem" was cultural assimilation and communal distribution. He left his religion aside, yet quickly filled the Nietzschean vacuum with a resurrection of "The" better world.

Following in similar footsteps, "In the Preface to the Hebrew edition of Totem in Taboo, in 1930, Freud described himself as - “as completely estranged from the religion of my fathers". But he went on - I quote again “If asked, ‘What is left to you that is Jewish?’ I would have to reply, ‘A very great deal and probably the essence.’” In the 1974 Massey Lectures Series, George Steiner takes Freud as meaning abandoning his cultural-historical background for a future of "intellectual pursuit", and, "high moral seriousness". If Karl was alive today I wonder if he would still justify, "high moral seriousness" with the millions murdered in the name of his name?

Dispelling the myths and justifying the claims is how you conduct the affairs of your intellect while under the spell of Marxism. Resist with our faculties and institutions. We should be teaching tolerance and universal acceptance towards improving our existing culture. Fraught with freedoms and burden by responsibilities, we are our own oppressors, slaves to our own master mentalities. It’s confusing and counter intuitive. Capitalism is the dominant ideology because it’s information flow is more efficient.

This is not the side of the debate I would like to argue from. Worse yet is the messianic fervour from which self-proclaimed Marxists recruit. Dispelling the myths is a bipartisan goal (of the Freudian subconsciousness), of which, two parties who couldn't be further from the truth.

Secondly, a systematic and biased (nonpartisan) appraisal of Marxist thinkers would be in order to summarize my position as a trusted public voice, philosopher and entrepreneur. I will send my Critique of Carnage on and inward sabbatical, a sojourn for the soul. Lest we forget, move on nonetheless.

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