p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip

“Who, if I cried out, would hear me? My voice is silenced within the hierarchy of humanity. This rhythm is relentless…” - Lucía Vega

Identifying Lucía as the narrative’ hero is more addictive than making her sound like a heroine. Fair enough. The social pendulum is swinging and Hollywood is no outlier. Outright liars perhaps but for the most part (insert Greek saying) this movement gives gives women some social high ground. I think it’s about time. I absolutely love Steven Pinker’s quote, (see Chapter 25) about feminism and the downfall of the conquistador.

Next to individual I.Q. assessment, assertiveness and conscientiousness are the two biggest predictors of success in our society. Conflicted from the beginning our hero doesn’t want center stage, she is happy in a sustainable, loving and non-conquistador lifestyle.

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