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Dear Academic Person,

I am an author, working on a fictional story about artificial intelligence called Will Freeman. Will has come up with some mathematics that assigns some interesting properties to the number 1 and 2 respectively. Consider Xeno's paradox, not from the standpoint of a race but from the standpoint of an infinite number of fractions approaching 1, but never achieving 1. Using a limit function we can come at this from the other side with 1 being the indeterminate. Or is it? The property that I want to advance is that the intermediate is actually two discrete entities or values. For the purpose of this proof, I propose the Plank length.

I did play with the idea of using a theory of extra dimensions but don’t like the theory, primarily because it seems to simply add(hoc) extra dimensions in an attempt to explain the force of gravity, it feels like stubbing your T.O.E and not a Theory Of Everything. But I am not a Physicist. Now, we have done this before through predictive models but the difference with the extra dimensions theory is... It is in itself variable, and transforming the fundamental force of gravity (mass and distance) into a dissipating force. Hmm. Sounds like a bit of a stretch. We have been here many times before when we don't understand the way the universe works, we create alternative dimensions, I mean realities and call it an act of God. Best to keep dreaming but stay well grounded on this planet.

I admit I may not have a correct understanding of the theory but as a layperson, I pretty much get the drift or rationale (I think).

This brings me to my point and judging by the talk that you gave at the Royal Institute you share some similar sentiments with me about the lunacy of multiple dimensions. I have a vague theory that I need some help with that essentially seams (to me at least) much more plausible. I would like to schedule a telephone call with you to run through the highlights of the theory. Dissimilar to Einstein's theories this proof would be mathematical and not based in physics. Since I am not a mathematician I would need some help and direction from someone who has the ability to apply the theory to some basic mathematical equations and comment on whether it has some legs in Physics. I start with Euclidean and move up through the geodesic models of spacetime. I use Planck (hence the name planksip®) in my branding for the online identity that I am working on. I can explain more if we speak.

I think of how Nietzsche must have felt after he published Thus Spoke Zarathustra. The silence is deafening. “Enough to make even the most robust man mad, and oh how I am not the most robust”.

Spooning Alone and Burning the Midnight Oil - Another planksip® Möbius

Do you, "Burn the Midnight Oil" writing letter to Academia? How effective is this forme of communication? How do you adjust your strategy and learn? Engagement with like-minded individuals is a option. Why not try being a planksip® Journalist?

Spooning Alone and Burning the Midnight Oil - Another planksip® Möbius

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