Let’s Talk about the Ego

p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #GoogleplanksipWithin the confines of a bundle theory bias, our sense of self or consciousness is electrochemically limited to various regions

7 months ago

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p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip

Within the confines of a bundle theory bias, our sense of self or consciousness is electrochemically limited to various regions of the brain. The combinatorial approach to cognition defines our sense of self. Beyond the biological imperative, we are resistant to the forces of universal entropy. We are marvels of minutia fighting for survival. Will we achieve omniscience? What we know as Metaphysics will evolve into Omni Science just like Astrology evolved into Cosmology and Chemistry from Alchemy. Masters of our own destiny for sure but with only one metric for success; continued survival. This is the background noise to the self and the potential that we share as a species. From this point, narratives of biological adaptation regulate the flow of information amongst groups. How much of the self have we constructed so far? Well, the foundations from which we stand are found at the quantum level, self similar and random in nature. On top of this we have social information structures. Currently these structures are accelerated through the internet making the information revolution more about speed and quantity of data. We are still at our infancy as Information Giants. The giants started out as Newtonian but I see this even shifting to Information like Socratic is to Philosophy. These types of free form associations and predictions are playful and fun to think about. Don’t take them too seriously. I include them because it’s part of my process. Transparent as I want to be, perhaps you experience something similar as you write or think about the bigger picture? Share these experiences. These tropes. These aphorisms.

So we have defined the physical underpinning of the ego and acknowledged a social component to this mix. The final piece to this puzzle is the self. What remains? Applying a thought filter removes biological and social influences, the self is what remains. Further thought takes me to ant colony where individual autonomy and hierarchical structures are non-existent. Politically, I tend to side against classless societies of utopian mythologies and I wonder, why is this still a discussion? Marxism is flawed as it’s followers spreading the gospel, the one and only true path to salvation. Starting from the assertion that structures in society are essential, the type of structures is where the conversation needs to settle. Small measurable changes should be considered to effect dramatic foundational changes so modifications should be carefully considered. Neglect in this area could affect millions of people. Really be careful. I am not sure what would remain of the self if no social function existed within our cognitive experiences? My guess is that we would be mindless automatons like insects. An individual’s creative and elastic mind is a byproducts of our social consciousness and nothing more. As a species, we evolved in groups with groups defining our individual individualities. Evidence to the contrary is hard to ascertain. I am fine with a speculative reflection on this topic. The ego is complex.

Daniel Sanderson

Published 7 months ago