p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip

By node, I mean a negation ode. Manifest yet silent articulation of thought and thinking. Psychology reincarnated. Augmented and expanded, brought to the precipice of a new neural connectedness. Social theory merged with Libertarian values. Derridean capitalism made one with models of Eudaemonic economics. A technological transmutation into empirical pluralism. Partially dialectic, this unified monogamy of the masses is ontological without sacrificing sophistry. A departure from dualism while remaining faithful to the teachings of the Newtonian Giants. Beating to the heartbeat of mother nature. Can you hear it? That gentle tap on your shoulder. Why did you destroy this planet?

By multiple orders of magnitude, the negation node represents one thought encapsulated and propagated through the praxis of planksip®. Driven by Big Data, powered by people, how do we parse the plethora of information propagating the internet?

“If you are looking for a grand narrative look no further. Proudly we are here to demonstrate, deconstruct and pay homage to the love of language, life and all that is.” - Daniel Sanderson - planksip® founder and philosopher

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