p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip

Kafka - 3.2 with a 3.77 S&P Geometric Mean

“It is this which makes Kafka’s Metamorphosis the key-fable of modernity or which, despite Anglo-Saxoon pragmatism renders plausible Camus’s famous saying: ‘The only serious philosophical question is that of suicide.’ What I want to consider… “ - George Steiner

“At what level did Kafka will or expect the burning of his unpublished fictions (the bulk of his work) by Max Brod - who decided otherwise? The are limit-cases. The root question is on of answerability, of the creator’s obligation towards, … “- George Steiner

“Here Celan’s dilemma has its premonitory antecedent in Kafka’s torment over a ‘ false mother-tongue.’ In consequence, a Celan text is the locale of an unspeakably plain embarrassment, of an internal contradiction literally ‘not to be said.’” - George Steiner

“Echoing Kafka, whose penultimate parable of the ‘Warren’ or ‘Maze’ so uncannily prefigures Ludwig Hohl’s actual existence, Hohl believed that there is a genuine communication only when the listener is ‘appalled’ (entzetzt). Montaigne's tower… ‘- George Steiner

“From the doubts of Lord Chandos, the desolate mockeries of Kraus or Kafka’s parable on silence all the way to derridean deconstruction, modern Judaism has mutinied against its patriarchal-paternalistic legacy of textual prepotence.” - George Steiner

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