The following list is a list of words that I find interesting and extend outside the confines of this title. Reiterating my modus operandi as layman philosopher, ethical journalist (truth-seeker) look beyond this book, build your own list of words and terms. The list below represents my epistemological and cumulative truth-seeking thirst for knowledge. As I read, this was my list of looked up terms. For me, I used an app from to collect my favourites or words that compelled me to take pause and reflect on the meaning and the context from which it was used.

Absolute, Abstemious, Acatalepsy, Acumen, Adiot, Adulation, Adumbrate, Aetiology, Agnostic, Aphasia, Agora, Allusion, Amelioration, Amorphous, Anachronism, Anarchic, Anathema, Anodyne, Antediluvian, Anthropomorphic, Antiquarian, Antithesis, Antithetical, Apodictic, Aporia, Apotheosis, Apotropaic, Apposite, Arete (ἀρετή), Astragalus, Asymmetrical, Atypical, Austere, Averred, Axiomatic,

Bacchanalianism, Baroque, Bawdy, Beatitude, Beguiling, Behest, Bestiality

Cacophonous, Capaciousness, Capricious, Catamite, Chiaroscuro, Chimera, Circumlocutory, Cliometrics, Cognate, Commodious, Comstockery, Conative, Concertina, Concomitantly, Concupiscence, Conjecture, Connotative, Constructivism, Contralto, Contretemps, Converse, Conversion, Cri de coeur, Crucible

Daily-Breader, Deicide, Deleterious, Deluge, Denote, Desiccation, Despotism, Dialectical, Dialectical Materialism, Diaspora, Didactic, Diffident, Disheveled, Distemper, Diurnal, Divine, Divisive, Dubious, Dyspeptic, Dystopia, Dystopian

Ecclesia, Edenic, Effigy, Egalitarian, Ego, Elicited, Elision, Emanate, Enunciation, Ephemeral, Epic, Epiphany, Epistemic, Epistemologically, Epistemologist, Epistemology, Epithalamion, Eponym, Eponymous, Equivocal, Erudite, Escorial, Ethereal, Etiology, Eton College, Etude, Eusocial, Evinced, Evocation, Exceptionalism, Excursus, Exemplar, Exhort, Exogamy, Extirpation, Extol

Filiation, Foie Gras, Foisted, Fortnight, Fouls, Frieze, Fulcrum

Gadfly, Graffito

Hasidic, Haughty, Hedonism, Hegemony, Heresy, Hermeneutic, Hermeneutics, Heteronormative, Heuristic, Hewn, Holism, Hubris, Hubristic, Hypostatize

Imbroglio, Impious, Inanity, Inchoate, Incongruous, Infanticide, Ingratiate, Interlocutor, Intransigence, Inveterate, Iota, Irascible, Itinerant

Jurisprudence, Juxtaposition,

Kenosis, Kleos, KulakLacuna,

Lacunae, Lamarckian, Larynx, Lascivious, Latently, Laudable, Locution, Lode, Lotus-Eater, LyreMaieutic,

Metafiction, Metaphrastic, Metonymy, Miff, Millenarianism, Mimesis, Mirth, Misogynistic, Modal, Mollified, Monism, Monomania, Monosyllabic, Morass, Mordant, Mosaicists, Myopia, Mystique  

Narcosis, Newspeak, Noisome, Nonagenarian,

Obdurate, Occluding, Oeuvre, Onanism, Ontological, Ontology, Opprobrium, Organon, Ostensible, Ostensive,

Panegyric, Pantomime, Parochial, Parodic, Paroxysm, Pathos, Pauline, Pauperization, Pedagogue, Pedantic, Pejorative, Peonage, Performative, Perspective, Perverse, Pestilence, Phantasmagoria, Phenomenology, Philology, Piety, Plangent, Platonic, Plutocracy, Plemic, Polis, Politic, Polity, Pomp, Portcullis, Positivism, Praxis, Prescient, Presuppositional, Primordial, Proclivities, Proclivity, Proletariat, Prosaic, Prosopopoeia, Provenance, Pundit, Purgation, Pyres


Rebuff, Recalcitrance, Recondite, Reconnoiter, Redundance, Regicide, Reification, Relativism, Repartee, Repose, Riposte, Romanticised

Salubrious, Sapiosexual, Scintillating, Semblance, Seminal, Semiology, Sentiment, Sentimentality, Sequelae, Sinew, Sisyphus, Skein, Sojourn, Sojourner, Sojourns, Sophist, Sophistry, Sophists, Speciously, Staccato, Staid, Strife, Structuralism, Stupidities, Stymie, Substantive, Superfluity, Sycophant, Synapses

Tacitus, Tantamount, Tautology, Temperance, Tenebrous, Totalitarian, Transvaluation, Trierarchy, Trompe l’Oeil, Truisms, Truncheon, Tumultuous

Ubiquitous, Ultimatum, Unsubstantive, UtopiaVenerate,

Virulent, Vivified, Vivisection, Votary, Votive, Vulgar

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