p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip

To identify matter as one category of Thomistic causation let's go for the biggest question of all. Why does life matter? "Life matters because it matters", is hardly the response expected by Thomas Aquinas or Aristotle with his four-part deconstruction of causation. Perhaps it's the correct answer? From a material cause, it has a new determination, as formed by humanity. For me, formal causation is the node of negation processed through the minds of millions. Efficient is Physics all the way down and final causation shows us a utility for nihilism. It provides perspective, a Point of Propagation (Chapter 9). The next step is semantics, which adds more structure to the information. It is my humble request for Science, Reason and Humanity to declassify and demystify the information structures that comfort modernity. Rebuild them if you must, but don't lose the original perspectives and always, always ask; what if? During this process additional classifications may surround concepts, these are information structures and provide order to our chaos. Make the correlations, build data sets to look at the data in a multitude of different ways. Create algorithms to enhance the efficiency of living, not just consuming.

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