Again, in this genocide piece, we deal with history. When Europeans first came to this country, they found a peaceful culture of Indians, which were for the most part, transient and followed the buffalo as their food source, to make clothing and thus employment for some tribes. Then there were Indians who were farmers. All the tribes respected the earth and its inhabitants including the sand, mountains, rain, sun and snow. If they killed an animal they prayed for its spirit and prayed before eating. Their lives were lived in a simple way. Then the Europeans came in and started killing off the Indians, invading their land, and seeking power over them. At the top left is Vladimir Putin and to the right is Jacques Chirac both whom deal with money, power, and sovereignty over mass populations of the world; they were members of the G8. We see and hear the Indian story repeated in our modern life. Finances are representative of stealing, using the masses and taking power over them. Oppression is a big part of the human condition and has been throughout time.

8’ (h) x 4’ (w), pencil on paper, 2012.
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