Funner, Irregardless and Irresponsibility

I love using funner in a sentence. It’s not proper grammar, heck, it’s not even a word. The use of the word satiates something playful and represents the intensity of fun, not quantity thereof.

8 months ago

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I love using funner in a sentence. It’s not proper grammar, heck, it’s not even a word. The use of the word satiates something playful and represents the intensity of fun, not quantity thereof. Given the same conditions and similar circumstances, one activity is “funner” than the other if the intensity of the fun-ness exceeds it’s alternative. The next faux pas, which I can hardly disagree with is the word irregardless. I find myself wanting to use irregardless, regardless of the implied ignorance of its inserted usage. I am fine to concede this tendency. Responsibility, on the other hand, as I have mentioned throughout this book, is a watchword to Freedom. One's ability to respond is limited to the freedoms of action and thought permissible and accepted within any given society. The thinking of the thought, the Cogito, should never be suppressed because it can’t be! Attempting is futile. Focusing freedom on the fundamentals of thought provides a sanctuary for liberal sensibilities, a precursor to free speech and the pursuit of happiness. More on happiness later.  Imagine, as a thought experiment, that irresponsibility should be sequestered to obscurity just like irregardless. Following my elaboration of responsibility as a watchword to Freedom and unpacked it to “an ability to respond”, irresponsibility is the complete and utter lack of one's ability to respond. Irresponsibility runs opposite to consciousness but is not unconscious. Irresponsibility is not sui generis. Indifference is it’s genetic word pair. Dante warned of a special place in hell for indifference. We all have freedom of thought and a degree of ability to react. This thought coupled ability to react is innate and axiomatic to human consciousness. Counterfactual claims of North Korea do not dismantle the silo of individual thought. It is impenetrable. Admiditly, the backward, repressive regime of North Korea does it’s best to suppress individual thought through a motto of “oppressive means necessary”. Chomsky’s admirable tirade on power and the defence defence to “align” democratic interests. The genetic allusion of agency and free will is the illusion through which we function. A pain stimulus is the litmus test. Citizens of North Korea feel pain; they feel regret, shame, and hopefully happiness. Indices of net human happiness should be available within our economic models. What happens if veils of ignorance produce more net human happiness? The intended context for the veil of ignorance is a precondition for equal opportunity, irregardless of pre-existing conditions. There is no irresponsibility, only degrees of ability to respond with virtuous acts. What is virtuous to you? Subjective, yet concentric circles with common centers, the subjectivity is called the annulus and identified by radii. The analogy of enormity without enormousness, excessively redundant,  and verbose doesn’t mean you know the most. Some lives worth living are travesties with tragic outcomes. Chronic means frequent and unbiased is disinterested. Sarcasm is ironic. Language contain ambiguity. So does mathematics. The notion is primitive.

A new way to submerge yourself in your psyche is to use the word submersive. Auto corrected to subversion, I think I am being coerced towards the grammar of their creation? Compliance is advisable, resistance is fertile.

Daniel Sanderson

Published 8 months ago

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