p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip

... and the Hellenic Hegemony within ...

Menorah doesn't end with a capital T
Minorities from the Shoah
Our hollow cost of Remembrance
Forgetting is beyond comprehension
Pedagogy scales, “murder cannot be undone”
Four words for freedom
Free to act is an ability to respond
Responsibility is a social contract
Past remains patient
Forever present and attentive
Pensive yet permissive
Theories are game-like
Judeo-Christian ethics are here to this day
Stay or leave, start or stop
Your choice is yours, measured in hours
Our concept of time stands still
Horology Heuristics or Prosopopoeia Personified?
What is yours is mine, mine is ours
Zot Hanukkat Hamizbe'ach:
"This was the dedication of the altar"
Rituals are rules nonetheless
Thrownness becomes Dasein
Being determined outcomes
Beyond the noise lies the signal
Futures are a fleeting con
CERN is accelerating science
Beyond the yonder unlike the aether
Means pure, fresh air
Diaspora, who returned to settle in Jerusalem
Witch Salem did you say?
Scary doesn't end with oooooh
Neither does the Hellenistai by Luke
Maccabean their done with that.

Reduces down to the following flickers…

Original Art by planksip® and Freedoms that Flicker

Menorah, pedagogy, past, Judeo-Christian, horology, heuristics, prosopopoeia, personified, rituals, futures, diaspora, and Maccabean. These Twelve Angry Men extinguish with asymmetrical medians. Cartesian in their reasonable doubt, and mean in their regression.


We miss so much in the minutia, the Combustion Triangle or ″Fire Diamond″ is more of a tetrahedron than a triangle. Heat, fuel and oxygen are required to make these flames flicker. The third dimension is the chain of reactions aggregating to this Aquila idol. American at best, a gimmick from the National (US) Park Service at worst. Dismissing good versus evil for a moment and existential sensibilities prevail. Both are telling in their own right. Wrong or indifferent, same yet dissimilar the narratives we tell are memories worthy of remembrance. Days remain.

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