Everlasting Life is a Faustian Four-Letter Word... Again that's L-I-F-E.

Curated and made material through the Evolutionary processes of Natural Selection. A Story for the ages, by the ages.

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Everlasting Life is a Faustian Four-Letter Word... Again that's L-I-F-E.

Everlasting Life is a Faustian Four-Letter Word... Again that's L-I-F-E.

Curated and made material through the Evolutionary processes of Natural Selection. A Story for the ages, by the ages.

Tropes and truisms are the entry point to this pastiche and claim towards everlasting life. Genetically speaking, the value of such a bargain is consumptive in nature and the ultimate terminus of our "better" selves. Synonymous with senescence is old-age and the world-weld it implies, for cells die and that's life! The byproduct just happens to be wisdom and our shared love of philosophy. Isn't she beautiful? An Aesthetic worth living towards, organization made manifest and the litmus of the present. Reality re-arranged in patterns of self-awareness. An exercise of humility mixed with forgiveness and self-reflection. Transparent transcendental illusions of allusions on a stage of free will is a determined outcome of nothingness.

And yet, our age of Information is highly[1] heritability. Replicators multiply despite the Mephistopheles archetype and the perversion of a fictionalized darkened Prince. Cultural transmission is generational, by definition, and yet the contentious subject continues to elude the elucidation of our collective theory of knowledge. Epistemology as a whole is ideal, and where it's impenetrable our need to differentiate and discover novel ideals pull our phenomenology towards common ground, a norm if your identity is tethered to the concept of Will and you prefer the protection under the bell curve; the original sin of herd immunity. Self-protecting and isolating is our greatest defence against the existential threat of biological viruses and the contagions of culture. This false dichotomy and self-proclaimed dictator of determinism is a claim towards fatalism.

  1. Transcendental through a fictionalized, idealized self-imagined self. The first of many footnotes to the Platonic ideal. ↩︎

Richard Dawkins and Brett Weinstein conversation on Pangburn

At time stamp 23:42 I was excited to hear Brett's explanation of the cultural myelination of Peter Medawar's, later improved upon by George Williams (not the YMCA philanthropist but the evolutionary biologist), evolutionary explanation of senescence (ageing) via natural selection. And yet this clip was removed and jumps into historical conjecture about the Nazis and WWII. Boo.

Daniel Sanderson

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