Are You A Victim Of Your Own Success?

Contact us if you experience any or all of these growing pains....

  • Culture Slip: You want to unleash the potential of your people... Are they reminiscing about the good old days instead of building your tomorrow?
  • Mad Hatter: Your team are multiple wearing hats and stuck in the whirlwind of every it the right time to structure? How can you create clear accountabilities?
  • Shiny Things Syndrome: You and your team have whiplash from chasing new opportunities and changing directions so often!  Is it actually helping you get to you vision?
  • Stranger Danger: You need so many new people how do you know they are the right fit?  How do you get the up to speed faster?
  • Data For What: You want to make informed decision as a leader.  Are you doing data entry or analysis? How are you turning your data into strategic decisions?
  • Risky Business: Safety, Environment, Reputation, Financial... You want to manage risks to your business.  What's the right amount?  How do you ensure it's effective?
  • ​Information Overload: You want your team to be able to access their files, information and training in an easy interactive way.  Do you have the records you need to be compliant?
  • ​Marketing Mayhem: You know marketing is important but don’t know where to start!  Ads haven't worked, how can I get into this digital world in a meaningful way?
  • ​Change Challenges: You have new ideas all the time but they are falling short on the execution... How can you implement strategic improvements that drive business objectives without frustrating my people?
  • The Right Fit
  • Who Is Primed To Start Being Perpetually Epic?
Lead Generation, Team Building, Culture, Management Consulting

I Believe In Profit Through Purpose

Are you passionate about making this world a better place? Do you believe that your business is a mechanism for positive change? At ENTA we know that the future of business will have to have purpose built in... Are you ready?

I Want My People Plugged IN!

Do you believe your people are the power within your company?  Do you want to them to wake up excited to plug in?  Can you imagine a company where you promote and unlock everyone's true potential.  At ENTA we help systematically make this dream a reality.  This one goes to 11.

Lead Generation, Team Building, Culture, Management Consulting
Lead Generation, Team Building, Culture, Management Consulting

I Am Ready to Disrupt

Are you the Blockbuster or Netflix in your story? Are you ready to focus on being the disruptor and know that your company is in it's sweet spot?  At ENTA we know that you can't keep your eyes on the horizon if you are putting out fires in your backyard.

Adam Kolozetti - planksip
I am an aerospace engineer from way back who now specializes in perpetual EPICNess! I love sci fi and love to imagine a universe where we have come together to explore the cosmos within and without.
Katelyn June Bullock - planksip
Co-founder of ENTA Solutions Inc by day, artist, children’s author, mom and wife by night. A micro-influencer and leader with the title of Idea’s Gardener bringing EPIC everyday.