Defining the Euclidean Point (2016, 2020) by planksip® Philosopher Daniel Sanderson

Health is based on the Anglo-Saxon 'hale', meaning 'whole'. Whole Foods is healthy, they ought to know. Holy and wholly? Or is it wholey?

Our thoughts are propagated with differences and distinctions. A half-life to extinction. Moonlight lit the way for Newton's apple story, A möbius from the Ptolemaic to the Plague. Biology is now told in terms of evolution, Quantum Mechanics in terms of probabilities, and Newton in terms of Einstein. Kant was adamant about categories, imperatively so. Are these categories necessary? Reality says no.

Synthesis-synapsis - The hyphen indicates two inseparable characteristics of the same action.

Perhaps Bohm's "whole" story is Utopian? Wholeness is emptiness, oneness is oblivion. The allusion of one defines archetype and The Wholy Book alike. "What you see (is not always what) you get". This is what David Bohm should have said! “Live with it and accept it as part of the whole” sounds too much like an escape hatch, a safety shoot to a realm of blissful indifference.

Have we gone too far with our experimentation? Effecting the experiment is inevitable? Current Quantum Reality says so. I say hogwash, fuey and fandangle. Let’s get back to work and figure this out. Sitting on the sidelines for generations, “we are due”, said the Gambler’s fallacy personified. Flirting with a fallacy is not a felony. Excessive alliteration is. Annoying I know. Effect ≠ Cause.

Reading this theory could make it a reality? Only time will tell. The punchline to EPR’s spookiness at distance joke. Discrete locality.

“Forme IS differentiation, every One has it.” - Dr. Cory Elliot, (fictional phenomenon)

“Awareness is temporal as well as spacial. Get the point in p.(x)!” - Dr. Cory Elliot, (fictional phenomenon)

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