p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Philosopher Daniel Sanderson

Dr. Cory Elliot is the pen name for Daniel Sanderson, and only appears as a fictional character in Will Freeman. As a writer, writing Will Freeman, this Thought Leader philosophies about the various starts and stops, possible beginnings, endings and entropy within a world where artificial intelligence is an existential inevitability. Metaphorically speaking, statistics play an transcendent role. Cory constructs, deconstructs and reconstructs a congruent, believable personality. An artificial mind. Writing about ethics, artificial intelligence, Quantum Mechanics,  Art, and the Newtonian Giants of our past, Will Freeman is a culmination of everyone that has come before.

Weird eh? So Cory Elliot is the representation of the author within the novel and my pen name, that I use only as a fictional character. Writing about myself? Yep, weird. This was meant to challenge our concept of identity. In a world where credentials matter, this alter ego has a doctorate degree. In Will Freeman, Cory is the author, attempting to write a fictional story about an artificial intelligence named Will Freeman.

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