Don't Ignore Half your Population

If it were customary to send daughters to school like sons, and if they were then taught the natural sciences, they would learn as thoroughly and understand the subtleties of all the arts and sciences as well as sons. And by chance there happen to be such women, for, as I touched on before, just as women have more delicate bodies than men, weaker and less able to perform many tasks, so do they have minds that are freer and sharper whenever they apply themselves.

- Christine de Pizan (1364-1440)

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Pizan's perspective almost has a ring of Skinner's Behaviourism underlying her blank slate of female potentiality. Although the genetic difference are negligible we should not be dismissive of their existence. In the end, femalism empowers more than half our civilization, it civilizes it at the same time. Megalomaniacal despots and dictators of oppressive dogma need not apply!

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