Deserves got nothing to do with it

Nobody deserves your tears, but whoever deserves them will not make you cry.

- Gabriel García Márquez (1927-2014)

A Wise Eye with Barrels to Back it up - Another planksip Möbius

A Wise Eye with Barrels to Back it up - Another planksip Möbius

Hey Man... Deserve's Got Nothin to Do With It...

in responsion to your article...

The Intellectual We Deserve | Current Affairs
<p>Jordan Peterson’s popularity is the sign of a deeply impoverished political and intellectual landscape… </p>

Hey man, speaking as a philosopher, if you attack Jordan Peterson by charging his argument with 'echoes of authoritarianism, even fascism', after he sufficiently describes (emphasis re-emphasized in bold) his contemporary interpretation of well established mythical conceptions of chaos and order, I humbly assert that you are actually hurting your own position as a defender of the journalistic tradition. This is a tremendous charge coming from [me] a publication [to you] that I, in principle agree with [on many of your points]. I will elaborate on this but first I have to congratulate you on emphasizing Christopher Hitchens on the About page of the Current Affairs blog. I also respect Hitch as an intellectual influence and so, starting out we have this in common.

"If Christopher Hitchens and Willy Wonka had edited a magazine together, it might have resembled Current Affairs."

Starting with Christopher Hitchens is a statement in itself and indelibly Orwellian. Adding Willy Wonka for fun is a twist of imaginings, in which, I will attempt to counterpoint in a playful responsion with sincerity and end with a swift editorial plea.

Setting the stage...
Socially spread epitaphs fuse to memories deemed worthy of remembering. Posthumously, the Rembrancers of our culture feel a sense of responsibility to immortalize this wisdom. Embodied through the narratives we re-create, the lines and lies we rehearse exist within and throughout culture. Incipit to chaos, some narratives span generations, while others never make it past the probability calculator between our ears. This stage of life was once lived and performed from the perspective of Christopher Hitchens and George Orwell. For me, Orwell continues to teach us that an ethics untethered to virtue is no ethics at all. Hitchens hammers this home with dialectical delicacy, the softness from which Christopher writes is a subtle, yet a powerful defence to the edifice of truth that is George Orwell. Willy's factory, on the other hand, was a benevolent charnel house of optimism amongst the nuance of novelty purchased at the cost of society's golden ticket to prosperity. And so the editorial process goes.

What a Relief Sisyphus - An Original planksip Art Works

Jordan Peterson's apologetic is successfully straddling a secular defense of a Judeo-Christian hegemony (or status quo) while simultaneously calling out the call-out culture. So what about the following diatribe that has anything to do with authoritarianism or fascism?

[Chaos is] what extends, eternally and without limit, beyond the boundaries of all states, all ideas, and all disciplines… It’s the foreigner, the stranger, the member of another gang, the rustle in the bushes… the hidden anger of your mother… Chaos is symbolically associated with the feminine… Order, by contrast, is explored territory. That’s the hundreds-of-millions-of-years-old hierarchy of place, position, and authority. That’s the structure of society. It’s the structure provided by biology, too…It’s the flag of the nation… It’s the greatness of tradition, the rows of desks in the school classroom, the trains that leave on time… In the domain of order, things behave as God intended.

There are three counterfactuals interacting from within, and throughout this hermeneutic (intention-directed understanding and interaction with the text).

1. As a society, we disrupt structure and authority through ordered chaos and what Nietzsche describes as Will to Power (essentially a return to hero-worship). This bifurcation of a factal-like Dionysus replication manifests in his Maps of Meaning (1999) as Peterson's finger flutters signify a call to action for the confused graduating class of 21st century. With no mention of the Roman name Bacchus, this god of wine, winemaking, grape cultivation, fertility, ritual madness, theatre, and religious ecstasy is where I would recommend that you focus your editorial critique and libertarian rhetoric. His week point is the Woman and what she represents. If you are going to attack this point you better be prepared to defend a type of feminism that galvanizes the Left with traditional sensibilities. Straddle the divide of Arete (αρετή) as JC (Jesus), I mean JP (Jordan Peterson) so effectively does and your "effectual" argument will Be that much more defendable, impenetrable perhaps. Crying anathema on what works is ineffective, however politically correct or philosophically accurate you intend to be.

2. The materialist position is one of entropy and second law of thermodynamics. Mother earth (Giae) is chaos and represents birth, by female birthing, I am referring to the creation of life and her incipit point of propagation of creation itself. Man and women become humanity, represented in this mythology as mankind and don't have to represent an oppressed female or accusations of white male domination.

3. foreigner = us versus them, stranger = us versus them, another gang member = us versus them, rustle in the bushes = innate fear response... So we have a 3 to 1 ratio of us versus them to a genetically deterministic outcome of fear avoidance. A good starting point for this position is the work of Robert Sapolsky. Specifically, Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst (2017).

For your reference, the following link provided the framework for my analysis (of which this email is only an impromptu sampling)...

Maps of Meaning - Analysis Spreadsheet
PASF Instances,Person,Instances,P1,P2,P3,P4,P5,P6,P7,P8,P9,P10,P11,P12,P13,P14,P15,P16,P1757,Christian,57,xi,xii,6,11,16,17,106,107,123,127,128,134,135,154,175,178,19048,God (versus god) (7),48,xxi (20-21),3-8 (30-21+),14 (37-38),17 (39-40),20 (43-44),25 (48-49),87 (119-121),100-111 (134-135+)...
Maps of Meaning - Analysis Spreadsheet by Daniel Sanderson at planksip

My Plea...
Make your arguments strong. If you would like a philosopher to contribute to Current Affairs then please do let me know. Perhaps a podcast appearance?

Daniel Sanderson | Freelance Journalist | Muck Rack
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