p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip

P.(x)...  "is" my Philosophy. Martin Heidegger felt every "is" statement was an avoidance with a postulate1, and the a return to the pre-Socratics via Möbius Being. Driven by Big Data and populated by people, my "notations" of poeticizing thought (das dichtende Denken) and proudly proclaim, "you are missing the Point!".

Parallel minds converge through the Luminiferous blank. Metaphysics metastasis. Fluidity of the chemical synapse. Heraclitus's river always runs downhill. Mostly. Fluid in forme; no fauna without flora. Theatre is where we play, and the Company we keep. Allusions of fiction, with disillusions of the Science Humane. "It was written", do you see these expressions in Mathematics? Our fictions tell a story. Technology improves most lives. What’s the problem? The Hard Problem is irrelevant.  Are we better off replicating our current cognition to a safety "net". It's not the fall that will kill you. Programmed to create Will Freeman's epistemology. Cogito sum. Doubt makes it so. A grammar of creation. A dance with time. Harmony.

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