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Trial Assessment Level 1

Assessment Class (Level 1)

Trial Assessment Level 2

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Assessment Class (Level 2)

Trial Assessment (Combined)

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Assessment Class (Combined)

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Level 1: Novice / Beginner

Week 1How Are You?Novice / Beginner
BONUSAnimated GameNovice / Beginner
Week 1Colors : Red, Pink, and BlueNovice / Beginner
BONUSAnimated GameNovice / Beginner
Week 1Colors: Green, Orange, YellowNovice / Beginner
BONUSAnimated GameNovice / Beginner
Week 1ABCs Review for (N-S)Novice / Beginner
BONUSAnimated GameNovice / Beginner
Week 1English AssessmentNovice / Beginner
Week 1Big A - small aNovice / Beginner
BONUSAnimated GameNovice / Beginner
Week 1ABCs Review for (T-Z)Novice / Beginner
Week 1Colors: Black, Purple, BrownNovice / Beginner
Week 2ABCs Review for (A-F)Novice / Beginner
Week 2ABCs Review for (G-M)Novice / Beginner
Week 2English Final AssessmentNovice / Beginner
Week 2Big B - small bNovice / Beginner
Week 2The Little PonyNovice / Beginner
Week 2Sight Words: a, and, away, big, blueNovice / Beginner
Week 2Word Family (at)Novice / Beginner
Week 3Nouns Are PeopleNovice / Beginner
Week 3Nouns Are PeopleNovice / Beginner
Week 3Loook and PlayNovice / Beginner
Week 3Reading Lesson "Sad Cat:Novice / Beginner
Week 3Reading Lesson "The Cup"Novice / Beginner
Week 3Math Lesson "1-20"Novice / Beginner
Week 3Reading Lesson "My Little Pet Bat"Novice / Beginner
Week 4Big C - small c Novice / Beginner
Week 4Big D - small dNovice / Beginner
Week 4Tyrone Dinosaur Ages 7 - 9Novice / Beginner
Week 4I have a new watch!Novice / Beginner
Week 4He-She-ItNovice / Beginner
Week 4I-You-We-TheyNovice / Beginner
Week 4I'm eating candy!Novice / Beginner
Week 5That is an owl!Novice / Beginner
Week 5I like the blue lake!Novice / Beginner
Week 5English AssessmentNovice / Beginner
Week 5I have slime and cars!Novice / Beginner
Week 5Do you want chicken or fish!Novice / Beginner
Week 5Reading Lesson "A Man And The Hat"Novice / Beginner
Week 5I am Gino!Novice / Beginner
Week 6Where does she go!Novice / Beginner
Week 6English Final AssessmentNovice / Beginner
Week 6Big E - small eNovice / Beginner
Week 6Big F - small fNovice / Beginner
Week 6Star Wars Ages 7 - 9Novice / Beginner
Week 6Word Family (ip)Novice / Beginner
Week 6Sight Words: all, am, are, at, ate.Novice / Beginner
Week 7Grammar SubjectNovice / Beginner
Week 7Math Lesson "Top, Middle, Bottom"Novice / Beginner
Week 7Reading Lesson "The Apple Tree"Novice / Beginner
Week 7Reading Lesson "My Little Garden"Novice / Beginner
Week 7Reading Lesson "My Toy Car"Novice / Beginner
Week 7Reading Lesson "Look At My Shirt"Novice / Beginner
Week 7I have to laugh but I want to cry!Novice / Beginner
Week 8Are you a baby!Novice / Beginner
Week 8I see the white teeth!Novice / Beginner
Week 8The beans are cheap!Novice / Beginner
Week 8I paid for the gray clay today!Novice / Beginner
Week 8Big G - small gNovice / Beginner
Week 8Big H - small hNovice / Beginner
Week 8Ariel's Wish- Ages 7 - 9Novice / Beginner
Week 10The plane has plastic wings!Novice / Beginner
Week 10The fresh fruit was frozen!Novice / Beginner
Week 10I have a snowball fight in the winter!Novice / Beginner
Week 10Why does the white whale have a wheel?Novice / Beginner
Week 10He has a thorn in his thumb!Novice / Beginner
Week 10Big I - small iNovice / Beginner
Week 11Big J - small jPre-Intermediate
Week 11Pokemon - Ages 7 - 9Pre-Intermediate
Week 11Word Family (ob)Pre-Intermediate
Week 11Sight Words: How, Just, Know, Let, LivePre-Intermediate
Week 11Grammar AdjectivesPre-Intermediate
Week 11Reading My Little Garden!Pre-Intermediate
Week 11Reading Lesson "I see your feet"Pre-Intermediate
Week 11Reading Lesson "My Baby Sister"Pre-Intermediate
Week 12Reading Lesson "The Cup"Pre-Intermediate
Week 12Reading Lesson "Eating with Friends and Family"Pre-Intermediate
Week 12Which Pet Do You Like?Pre-Intermediate
Week 12What Do Pets Eat?Pre-Intermediate
Week 12Which Wild Animal Do You Like?Pre-Intermediate
Week 12Which Farm Animal Do You Like? Pre-Intermediate
Week 12Which Baby Animal Do You Like?Pre-Intermediate
Week 13Big K - small kPre-Intermediate
Week 13Big L - small lPre-Intermediate
Week 13Deserts and OceansPre-Intermediate
Week 13Review LandformsPre-Intermediate
Week 13Sight Words: did, ran, saw, went, wasPre-Intermediate
Week 13Word Families (ed)Pre-Intermediate
Week 13Word Families (eg)Pre-Intermediate
Week 14Grammar: SubjectPre-Intermediate
Week 14Reading #1: The Statue of LibertyPre-Intermediate
Week 14Reading #2: The Empire State BuildingPre-Intermediate
Week 14Big M - small mPre-Intermediate
Week 14Big N - small nPre-Intermediate
Week 14Reading #3 Times SquarePre-Intermediate
Week 14Reading #4 Coney IslandPre-Intermediate
Week 15Reading #5 BroadwayPre-Intermediate
Week 15Who Is Your Favorite Family Member?Pre-Intermediate
Week 15Which Weekend Family Activity Do You Like?Pre-Intermediate
Week 15It Is Cold In WinterPre-Intermediate
Week 15Do You Want To Go On A Road Trip?Pre-Intermediate
Week 15Big O - small oPre-Intermediate
Week 15Big P - small pPre-Intermediate
Week 16What Are (It's / Their ) Hobbies?Pre-Intermediate
Week 16Who Do You Like Your Uncle Or Aunt?Pre-Intermediate
Week 16Does Your Cousin Have Fun Hobbies?Pre-Intermediate
Week 16PetsPre-Intermediate
Week 16Big Q - small qPre-Intermediate
Week 16Big R - small rPre-Intermediate
Week 16Sight Words: do, have, like, must, wantPre-Intermediate
Week 17ai WordsPre-Intermediate
Week 17Word Families (en)Pre-Intermediate
Week 17Phonics (ing)Pre-Intermediate
Week 17Grammar: Action VerbPre-Intermediate
Week 17Reading #1: The Grand Ole OpryPre-Intermediate
Week 17Reading #2: The Nashville ZooPre-Intermediate
Week 17Reading #3: The Country Music Hall of FamePre-Intermediate
Week 18NamesPre-Intermediate
Week 18Names & PlacesPre-Intermediate
Week 18TimePre-Intermediate
Week 18Mom Can I ___ Please?Pre-Intermediate
Week 18Big S - small sPre-Intermediate
Week 18Big T - small tPre-Intermediate
Week 18Friends From Around The WorldPre-Intermediate
Week 19What Friends Eat From Around The WorldPre-Intermediate
Week 19What Do Friends Do In ___? Pre-Intermediate
Week 19What Country Is It Near?Pre-Intermediate
Week 19Big U - small uPre-Intermediate
Week 19Big V - small vPre-Intermediate
Week 19Los Angeles #1 Universal StudiosPre-Intermediate
Week 19Los Angeles #2 Griffith ObservatoryPre-Intermediate
Week 20Los Angeles #3 Staples Center (LA Lakers)Pre-Intermediate
Week 20Los Angeles #4 Hollywood Walk of FamePre-Intermediate
Week 20Los Angeles #5 VenicePre-Intermediate
Week 20Site Words: will, yes, no, what, whoPre-Intermediate
Week 20Phonics (ai)Pre-Intermediate
Week 20Phonics (ate)Pre-Intermediate
Week 20Word Families (et)Pre-Intermediate
Week 21Complete SentencePre-Intermediate
Week 21Biggest Holidays (part 1)Pre-Intermediate
Week 21Biggest Holidays (part 2)Pre-Intermediate
Week 21Landforms (group 1)Pre-Intermediate
Week 21Landforms (group 2)Pre-Intermediate
Week 21ReviewPre-Intermediate
Week 21Big W - small wPre-Intermediate
Week 21Big X - small xPre-Intermediate
Week 22Wild FiresIntermediate
Week 22Volcanoes & EarthquakesIntermediate
Week 22Hurricanes & TyphoonsIntermediate
Week 22Floods & Heat WavesIntermediate
Week 22Final ReviewIntermediate
Week 22Reading: Chicago RiverwalkIntermediate
Week 23Sight Words: eat, get, say, ride, wellIntermediate
Week 23Word Families (ub)Intermediate
Week 23Phonics (se)Intermediate
Week 23Phonics (ing)Intermediate
Week 23Proper NounIntermediate
Week 23What Is It? (Letter A)Intermediate
Week 23What Is It? (Letter B)Intermediate
Week 24It Is Number 5!Intermediate
Week 24ABCs & 123Intermediate
Week 24Five Little MonkeysIntermediate
Week 24English Assessment TestIntermediate
Week 24Big Y - small yIntermediate
Week 24Big Z - small zIntermediate
Week 24The Pink Pig : Letter PIntermediate
Week 25Is It Big? It Is Small?Intermediate
Week 25Is It Fat? Is It Thin?Intermediate
Week 25Are They the Same or Different?Intermediate
Week 25Triangles & CirclesIntermediate
Week 25English Assessment TestIntermediate
Week 25Sight Words / Can / Come / Down / Find / ForIntermediate
Week 25Word Families (An)Intermediate
Week 26Nouns Are PlacesIntermediate
Week 26My Little Pet BatIntermediate
Week 26A Man and the HatIntermediate
Week 26Grammar Nouns are PeopleIntermediate
Week 26Number Recognition 1-10Intermediate
Week 26Reading Lesson "Sad Cat"Intermediate
Week 26Reading Lesson "Fixing The Car"Intermediate
Week 27Reading Lesson "We Study"Intermediate
Week 27Reading Lesson "Mother Helps"Intermediate
Week 27It's a fast car! Letter CIntermediate
Week 27It's the donut man! Letter DIntermediate
Week 27It's an iquana! Letter IIntermediate
Week 27My FamilyIntermediate
Week 27What can they do?Intermediate
Week 28English AssessmentIntermediate
Week 28What do you see?Intermediate
Week 28Few or Many?Intermediate
Week 28E is for EggIntermediate
Week 28L is for LionIntermediate
Week 28Pattern TimeIntermediate
Week 28Sight Words: funny, go, help, here, IIntermediate
Week 29Word Family (ag)Intermediate
Week 29English Final AssessmentIntermediate
Week 29Grammar NounsIntermediate
Week 29Numberals 1-10Intermediate
Week 29Reading Lesson "The New Place"Intermediate
Week 29Reading Lesson "In The Sea"Intermediate
Week 29Reading Lesson "Plant A Tree"Intermediate
Week 30What Do You See? Letter SIntermediate
Week 30 What Do You See? Letter TIntermediate
Week 30I Have Two HandsIntermediate
Week 30Look At My ShirtIntermediate
Week 30Look At My JeansIntermediate
Week 30I Have a RabbitIntermediate
Week 30English Assessment TestIntermediate
Week 31Where Is the Key?Intermediate
Week 31Where Is the Ox?Intermediate
Week 31Sight Words / In / Is / It / Jump / LittleIntermediate
Week 31Word Family (Ap)Intermediate
Week 31English Assessment TestIntermediate
Week 31Grammar : Nouns Are AnimalsIntermediate
Week 31Sight Words and Word Families (Ap)Intermediate
Week 32Grammar : Nouns Are Animals Intermediate
Week 32Fixing the CarIntermediate
Week 32We StudyIntermediate
Week 32Tell Father I Found the PageIntermediate
Week 32What Will the Men Do?Intermediate
Week 32A Trip With FriendshIntermediate
Week 32Counting Objects 1-10Intermediate
Week 33Reading Lesson "The Boy on the Farm"Intermediate
Week 33Reading Lesson "Tell Father I Found The Page"Intermediate
Week 33Reading Lesson "The Building"Intermediate
Week 33Reading Lesson "A Trip With Friends"Intermediate
Week 33It is the biggest! It is the smallest!Intermediate
Week 33My Five SensesIntermediate
Week 33It's an octopusIntermediate
Week 34I have a necklace!Advanced
Week 34The yogurt is in the fridge!Advanced
Week 34The zebra is in the zoo!Advanced
Week 34I can cook in the kitchen!Advanced
Week 34Too Small - Too Big!Advanced
Week 34Who is he? Who is she?Advanced
Week 34Number Recognition 1-10Advanced
Week 34English Final AssessmentAdvanced
Week 35Sign Words: look, make, me, my, notAdvanced
Week 35Word Family (ad)Advanced
Week 35Grammar (nouns are things)Advanced
Week 35Review Sight Words: look, make, me, my, not, & Word Family (ad)Advanced
Week 35Reading: I see 1 tigerAdvanced
Week 35Reading Lesson "I Am Happy With My Job"Advanced
Week 35Reading Lesson "Farmers And Their Dances"Advanced
Week 36Reading Lesson "My Brown Cat"Advanced
Week 36Reading Lesson "Ride A Bike"Advanced
Week 36Where is the teacher?Advanced
Week 36It is vanilla ice cream!Advanced
Week 36It is a watermelon!Advanced
Week 36She is a queen!Advanced
Week 36I have an umbrella!Advanced
Week 36English AssessmentAdvanced
Week 37I see your feet!Advanced
Week 37I have a horse!Advanced
Week 37I can ride the fast train!Advanced
Week 37I see the blue sky!Advanced
Week 37The girl is the slowestAdvanced
Week 37The jet is the fastestAdvanced
Week 37English Final AssessmentAdvanced
Week 38Sight Words: one, play, red, run, saidAdvanced
Week 38Word Family (ig)Advanced
Week 38Reading: What do you see?Advanced
Week 38Reading Lesson "A Birthday Party"Advanced
Week 38Reading Lesson "Breakfast Time"Advanced
Week 38Reading Lesson "Please Get Under The Bed"Advanced
Week 38The alien is scary!Advanced
Week 39I have to laugh but I want to cryAdvanced
Week 39The eagle can fly!Advanced
Week 39I like ice cream!Advanced
Week 39I like colorful oval eggs!Advanced
Week 39I don't like UFOs!Advanced
Week 39I like apples and candy apples!Advanced
Week 39I like potatoes and French fries!Advanced
Week 40I like cheese and cheesecake!Advanced
Week 40English AssessmentAdvanced
Week 40The Littel NestAdvanced
Week 40Reading: Mail a LetterAdvanced
Week 40I like bagels with cream cheese!Advanced
Week 40I like steak and hamburgers!Advanced
Week 40Sight Words & Word Families (at & an)Advanced
Week 41Grammar Action VerbsAdvanced
Week 41Sight Words: see, the, three, to, twoAdvanced
Week 41Pattern TimeAdvanced
Week 41English Final AssessmentAdvanced
Week 41The White FlowersAdvanced
Week 41Where is my Dog?Advanced
Week 41Reading Lesson "I Ate All Four Cookies"Advanced
Week 42Reading Lesson "The White Flowers"Advanced
Week 42Reading Lesson "Where is My Dog"Advanced
Week 42Reading Lesson "The Little Nest"Advanced
Week 42My Favorite Season is Summer!Advanced
Week 42It is cold in winter!Advanced
Week 42I wear a shirt and shorts in summer!Advanced
Week 42I wear a coat and scarf in winter!Advanced
Week 43I Ate all Four CookiesAdvanced
Week 43In the SeaAdvanced
Week 43I swim in summer!Advanced
Week 43I pick apples in fall!Advanced
Week 43I have a snowball fight in the winter!Advanced
Week 43I want to eat Hawaiian pizza!Advanced
Week 43I eat strawberry ice cream in the summer!Advanced
Week 44I eat pumpkin pie in the fall!Advanced
Week 44I ride my bike in spring!Advanced
Week 44English AssessmentAdvanced
Week 44VietnamAdvanced
Week 44A brithday partyAdvanced
Week 44Word Family (in)Advanced
Week 44Sight Words: up, we, where, yellow, youAdvanced
Week 45Grammar AdjectivesAdvanced
Week 45Math Lesson "Top, Middle, BottomAdvanced
Week 45Reading Lesson "White Christmas"Advanced
Week 45Reading Lesson "Mail A Letter"Advanced
Week 45I eat cherry pie in winter!Advanced
Week 45English Final AssessmentAdvanced
Week 45Mother HelpsAdvanced
Week 45Ride a BikeAdvanced

Level 2: Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate

Week 46Space ExplorationHigh-Advanced
Week 46What Color Is It?High-Advanced
Week 46How Many?High-Advanced
Week 46What Are You Doing?High-Advanced
Week 46What Can It Do?High-Advanced
Week 46What Am I Doing?High-Advanced
Week 46Unit Review #1High-Advanced
Week 47What Does It Have?High-Advanced
Week 47What Does She Look Like?High-Advanced
Week 47What Holiday Is It?High-Advanced
Week 47Soon, After, LaterHigh-Advanced
Week 47Unit Review #2High-Advanced
Week 47Opposites 1High-Advanced
Week 47Opposites 2High-Advanced
Week 48How Many?High-Advanced
Week 48What's Your Favorite Weather?High-Advanced
Week 48What's The Weather Like?High-Advanced
Week 48Unit Review #3High-Advanced
Week 48Grammar (Pronouns)High-Advanced
Week 48Which Pet Do You Like?High-Advanced
Week 48Can You Jump?High-Advanced
Week 49Let's Go To The Park!High-Advanced
Week 49How Do You Get To The ___?High-Advanced
Week 49Look At The Map!High-Advanced
Week 49What Do You Do First?High-Advanced
Week 49Unit Review #1High-Advanced
Week 49Sight Words: fly, live, from, goin, walkHigh-Advanced
Week 49Word Families (op)High-Advanced
Week 50Grammar (Exclamations)High-Advanced
Week 50Sight Words: when, after, every, once, againHigh-Advanced
Week 50Word Families (ot)High-Advanced
Week 50Grammar (Questions)High-Advanced
Week 50Sight Words: under, into, on, out, withHigh-Advanced
Week 50Word Families (un)High-Advanced
Week 50Grammar (Plural Nouns)High-Advanced
Week 51Word Family (eg)High-Advanced
Week 51Word Families (og)High-Advanced
Week 51Days Of The WeekHigh-Advanced
Week 51Grammar (Statements)High-Advanced
Week 51Sight Words: soon, now, please, so, ourHigh-Advanced
Week 51This And ThatHigh-Advanced
Week 51Let's Eat Breakfast!High-Advanced
Week 52The Chair Is Under The TableHigh-Advanced
Week 52I Can Brush My TeethHigh-Advanced
Week 52Sight Words: ask, give, take, put, thinkHigh-Advanced
Week 52Grammar (Prepositions)High-Advanced
Week 52How Do You Brush Your Teeth?High-Advanced
Week 52Unit Review #1High-Advanced
Week 53I See A PolicemanHigh-Advanced
Week 53Freddy Found A FriendHigh-Advanced
Week 53Here And ThereHigh-Advanced
Week 53My Brown CatHigh-Advanced
Week 53Tea Or Coffee?High-Advanced
Week 53Unit Review #2High-Advanced
Week 54What Do You Want To Eat?High-Advanced
Week 54Eating At A RestaurantHigh-Advanced
Week 54Let's Go To The StoreHigh-Advanced
Week 54Here Is Your TicketHigh-Advanced
Week 54One Plus One Is TwoHigh-Advanced
Week 54Farmers and their DancesHigh-Advanced
Week 54Unit Review #3High-Advanced

Level 3: Mastery (with Lesson Plans)

Important: You need to create your own review lessons below:

Week 55Earth — LandformsMastery
Week 55Earth — What do you see?Mastery
Week 55Earth — Deserts & OceansMastery
Week 55Earth — Glaciers & IcebergsMastery
Week 55Earth — Plain, Island, and VolcanoMastery
Week 55Review LandformsMastery
Week 56Sight Words (after, again, an, any, as)Mastery
Week 56Wild Animals #1Mastery
Week 56Wild Animals #2Mastery
Week 56Wild Animals #3Mastery
Week 56Wild Animals #4Mastery
Week 56Wild Animals #5Mastery
Week 56Wild Animals ReviewMastery
Week 57Sight Words: ask, by, could, every, flyMastery
Week 57Grammar (Plural Nouns)Mastery
Week 57The Chinese FlagMastery
Week 57China — What is cute? What to eat? Mastery
Week 57The PhilippinesMastery
Week 57The Philippines — What is cute? What to eat?Mastery
Week 57IndiaMastery
Week 58India — What is cute? What to eat?Mastery
Week 58JapanMastery
Week 58Japan — What is cute? What to eat?Mastery
Week 58ThailandMastery
Week 58Thailand — What is cute? What to eat?Mastery
Week 58Countries Review — What is cute? What to eat?Mastery
Week 58Sight Words: from, give, going, had, hasMastery
Week 59Sight Words: how, just, know, let, liveMastery
Week 59Grammar (Plural Nouns)Mastery
Week 59Grammar (Sight Words & Plural Nouns)Mastery
Week 59Beijing the capital of ChinaMastery
Week 60Manila is the capital of PhilippinesMastery
Week 60New Delhi is the capital of IndiaMastery
Week 60Rome is the capital of ItalyMastery
Week 60Greece: Acropolis, AthensMastery
Week 60Please get under the bedMastery
Week 60I Am Happy with My JobMastery

PLUS: Level 3: Mastery (without Lesson Plans)

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