Character Animator and Indigenous Voices

Our goal is to work with First Nations and Indigenous communities in a creative and novel way. This article will describe the project, the associated costs and the benefits of working with planksip.

What is Character Animator?

Character Animator is an animation program that creates unique animations. Content creators use this program to create a character and make it come alive! It helps you rig a character, create puppets by modifying built-in character templates, import your Photoshop and Illustrator characters, or use the new Sensei-powered Characterizer.

How does planksip use Character Animator?

Example #1 - Modelling with Minsky

Example #2 - Cyber security in the Ancient World with Dr. Martine Diepenbroek

Our proposal for Indigenous Communities

To bring indigenous languages and culture to a wider audience, planksip would like to create a similar show for indigenous communities and would like to offer the following;

  1. A custom sketched likeness of a speaker or group of speakers for $500 per puppet.
  2. The ongoing video content production for $101 per month or an ongoing membership with
  3. Your content will be shared with the planksip community and on the planksip YouTube channel.

All we need is a vocal track from a speaker in the form of an MP3 file, and we will do the rest of the work. Interview style projects (more than one speaker) become more complicated and may cost more.

We can also help to promote or manage paid Facebook, YouTube, or other social media channels for an additional cost.

We hope you find this proposal a cost-effective way to produce quality content and share the voice of your community with a larger audience.