Nowhere in this article is there discussion, opinion on the death of an individual at the hands of State authority. Capital punishment, in this context, is a reference to a literary analysis done by myself on Jordan B. Peterson's, Maps of Meaning (1999). Specifically, I use the capitalized indexed entries as a starting point for a suspended, counterpoint analysis, grounding my subjectivity and guiding our learning journey.

By Henry Fuseli - The Yorck Project (2002) - How Vulnerable We are to Our Creator

I am thinking that Jordan Peterson has an idealism that you will relate to and weigh in on.

Sandwiching Kant to Hegel we meet Johann Gottlieb Fichte in the middle. Wagner's Ring playing in the background to the poetics of Nibelungenlied. I am a philosopher and a butcher (of pronunciation). I "annunciate" this birth of mirth to all that listen! Robert Donington uses a Jungian approach to this background musical critique (please help me find this book if we think it's important to this project). Psychology, as the development of unconscious archetypes in the mind, is symbolic here. I am referring to Wagner's Ring and Its Symbols by Robert Donington.

I have a bit of a critique at this point in my preliminary analysis of Maps of Meaning. If Jordan Peterson wanted to write a proper academic book, wouldn't he include an overview of similar and/or competing views to his own? But I guess he is a psychologist first and foremost, not a philosopher, and apparently not an academic. Or is he? I define an academic as a thought leader inside or outside traditional institutions and norms and "valence". I then go on to summarize (preliminary) that Jordan's book is poorly written, and shocking with his claims that he reconciled the story of Genesis in this ad hoc rubbish. Wow, those are harsh words when I look back at my corpus of writing and think, what rubbish! Someone might have the same interpretation of my writing and yet it's incredibly valuable to me and my learning journey. If I am comparing my work with that of Jordan Peterson and the response is, what makes you think that your work is in any way of similar caliber? Understanding the book is my only response. I have no other ability to respond other than from that which I have knowledge of. Expressions of individualism are manifest, bias or not. So let it be, this silo of information, this expression of self-similarity. How is Jordan Peterson different after writing Maps of Meaning? How am I different after analyzing it? This should be the sum total of my critique and my intellectually honest commitment to you.

If JBP is an idealist then his oral fixation on responsibility is what? Not sure. Let's stay on the topic of idealism.

What is the story of the ring in Ancient Greece?

In Phenomenology and in the "spirit" that is Hegel, freedom is necessarily encountering and achievement. The inability to respond negates negation, the free won't perspective confines consciousness to a single modality. Nihilism is no longer avant garde, it's historical and apparently dialectical, this my polemic (one of many).

I want to make a singular point regarding the 13th Century German Epic poem, Nibelungenlied. What's with the genealogy? Is a genealogy a defining characteristic of an Epic?

Niebelung Genealogy - Why is it important? 

The Will that Will Freeman

Let us start with the pursuit of wisdom, in Peterson forme, I will orient myself towards an ideal, grounded in personal responsibility of course, and narrated in my mind to battle the chaos that lies to us all. Differentiate and self-assimilate, to the norms and heuristics of the times. Conservative sensibilities prevail within a Liberal Democracy. The State of Affairs is outward looking from an inward pyre, burning, fueling the fire of metaphysical manipulation. Does Karl Marx recognize your freedom from within his Utopia ideal? For there can be no individual in a Utopia, for a Utopia is the fiction of a forward-looking speech act, where your very being is defined by an ideal that is not yours to construct. This dismissal of the individual is the foundation of my criticism of untethered ideologies, the Marxist critique of Capitalism and the Totalitarian State. Nationalism subsides, subdues and persists throughout the economies of men, residual, existential and non-limiting is the potentiality that we augment. Reality runs parallel to Philosophy with Mathematics as the interpreter of choice.

Will Freeman (2020) is a literary fiction, a companion title to, p.(x) = Big Data Determinism. The thrust of this section it to examine this quest for individuality. The Ring in Wagner's Ring is narrative quest for individuality by no other than Sigfried, achieved in relation to others, Sigfried achieves freedom only at the moment of death but this time it's too late. This examination of death defines and defies life in the material sense and living in metaphysical perspective. Ontology persists within life and death as the the only ontology that "matters". This realization will free man from the chains of the self, and "rings" true throughout Wagner's Ring. Below is a List of Characters.





  • Hunding, Sieglinde's husband, chief of the Neidings (bass)


  • Gunther, King of the Gibichungs (baritone)
  • Gutrune, his sister(soprano)
  • Hagen, their half-brother, and Alberich's son (bass)
  • A male choir of Gibichung vassals and a small female choir of Gibichung women


  • Brünnhilde (soprano)
  • Waltraute (mezzo-soprano)
  • Helmwige (soprano)
  • Gerhilde (soprano)
  • Siegrune (mezzo-soprano)
  • Schwertleite (contralto)
  • Ortlinde (soprano)
  • Grimgerde (contralto)
  • Rossweisse (mezzo-soprano)

Rhinemaidens Giants & Nibelungs


  • Woglinde (soprano)
  • Wellgunde (soprano)
  • Flosshilde (mezzo-soprano)


  • Fasolt (bass-baritone/high bass)
  • Fafner, his brother, later turned into a dragon(bass)


  • Alberich(bass-baritone)
  • Mime, his brother, and Siegfried's foster father(tenor)

Other Characters

  • The Voice of a Woodbird (soprano)
black and green leaf tree
Canopy Conversations and the Wood Birds of Germanic Epic - Another planksip Möbius