Imagine 140,000 relevant searches, 140,000 times a day, every day. Relevant to whom? Relevant to you. Relevant to your mother, sister, father, family, and community. Is this a revelation? Not in the metaphysical sense, but it is revelational and based on the trajectory of Science, supported by Moore’s Law, the hockey stick trend of growth is pointing the descent of man upward. It takes me approximately one hour per one thousand search results using a relatively simple search and record algorithm. More like a bot, it takes twelve hours to extract 140,000 search results. Given the right team and support I could run, hundreds of thousands of search terms designed to empower and educate individuals. This is a revelation and a gift for all.

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Call to Arms - Liberty in the Making, Revelations in Praxis

"Knowledge is the greatest gift, it's always looking for a way out of the present" - Dr. Cory Elliot, (fictional phenomenon)