The process of a writing a planksip™ book review is a structured and systematic process. As this blog title maintains, the end-result is a creative, yet analytical exposition supported by a process that typically takes 2-3 weeks to complete. Beyond the dialectic of book reviews and psychological literature analysis, there is an ever-present theme of deterministic expository. Developing a deterministic perspective and exploring the implications of a diminished, some (like Sam Harris) would say the entirety of free will is an illusion, will always be integral to the planksip™ brand.

Title selection is limited to non-fiction titles with preference to philosophy, linguistics, and the humanities.


Chapter by chapter we scour the title looking for literature giants and influences of past and present. This data is collected, compiled and interpreted.

The planksip™ book review is not a collection of opinionated rhetoric. We collect data and present the data in its entirety and in a way that stimulates discussion and peer review. Although not intended for publication in an academic journal, the review is written in such a way that it's accessible to the broadest range of the population. Our goal is to add perspective and offer a glimpse into the currents of influence that consciously and unconsciously affect the work.

Roget's Thesaurus

The Roget Thesaurus was originally published in 1911 and exists as an essential tool for writers in countless fields related to literature and language. With over 180,000 words and more than 600 pages, the structure of this book is fascinating, especially as it relates to psychology and linguists.