For me, “for me”, is congruent with the Aristotelian form, a watch word for humility, or phrase of creativity. A desire to give form to information. For me, the pseudo has a function, even in Science. Problem solving, classification, and giving “forme” defines the function and is the identity of identity. One’s function, divided by one’s forme, equals identity. Grounded cogito ergo sum. One is not better than the other, yet function should always be foundational without fixedness. A philosophical preference of forme-over-function is a fallacy; abstract aesthetic idealism. It’s important to point out that neither forme or function are uncontaminated, no “one” man is an island. Societal influences run rampant affecting our perceptions of the material and the metaphysical. This is the variable in the equation. Freud called it the Superego, the consciousness of society as a whole when we extrapolate across multiple individual individuals. The beauty is moving away from the binomial distribution towards pluralistic pedagogy.

Function over Forme - A planksip® Original

Where do we go from here? The probability is 100% that it's not nothing. What are your probabilities? What information are you freely releasing into the vast expanse of the internet? Who controls this data. Benefit of the doubt steers me to thoughts of prosperity. Government authorities and watchdog organizations should be policing the abusive repurposing of data, but this model on Liberty needs revised. The Individual Liberties, Rights and Freedoms that we have come to embrace, and possibly take for granted, must include the data exhaust that we all live and breath. The function of the p.(x) philosophy is to raise awareness and power the people.