Articles of Muslim Faith

Let us compare an article of clothes with an article of faith, in particular, we are going to blindly focus on the articles of faith within the Muslim faith. I am not condescending when I say blindly, for isn't this what faith is all about? I can also qualify this "article", chapter or meaningful exposition without prejudice beyond the ignorance of a culture that is not mine. You see, I am born in the West, the Westcoast of Canada to be more geographically precise. The population that I am part of, may, in fact, represents a new "forme" of the congregation, one viewed entirely through the eyes of social scientist and big data analytics.

I can't help but summarize the existence of the Muslim faith as a response to Christianity, a defence if you Will. This apologetic statement is in defiance of her opposition, anthropomorphized through the contemporary all-inclusive pronouns that forme the justified perverse decadence of the nouveau West. How is the eternal feminine represented in the articles of the Muslim faith?

In 632 A.D. the prophet Mohammed saw a vision, the composition of this book is believed by many as the revealed word of God. The book reveals seven layers of epistemology and starts with a literal meaning while ending with a meaning understood only by God herself.

Is the pronoun assignment to the All-Mighty a faux pas? How would the other Abrahamic traditions deal with such blasphemy?

Consider the following interview that I did with Muhammad Dawood. I feel it was an honest attempt to uncover the wisdom that lies beneath the Muslim faith without condoning the aspects of the Muslim faith that are widely considered human rights violations.

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