p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip

How stable is your culture as you approach the abyss? When does an enhanced remembrance seem like the only option? The utopia of hope seams pragmatically viable. The hegemony of a one-party state despite outward appearances where Spengler's emancipation of Simon's Song and the secularization of society is foreign to all but a few.

Words become empty vessels for sale on a sea of lies. Corporate greed is normalized. Social media is the prescription for prolixity kin to the Colosseum. This is the climate change by popular vote. Alternative perspectives are vacuous within partisan ethics of governance and polis.

Is Big Data a metaphysical conversation on chaos? How do we parse the increase in information? No grand narrative exists as the academics philosophize, for we are in post-modernity! What follows? Mass extinction?

A pattern is apparent and stylistic. It's an Expressionistic revival with none of the yearning and twice the anxiety. Writers write in streams of placating consciousness. Nothing like the originality of a Virginia Woolf's To The Lighthouse. Self-deprecation is politically correct and counts for a pass to the party. It feels like we are in the eye of the storm.

p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by planksip® Founder and Philosopher Daniel Sanderson

Existential Crisis or a Culture on Crutches?

"Independent adaptive and selective mechanics regulate most of what we do and how we navigate randomness in our environments." - Dr. Cory Elliot

If you write on a regular basis, either for employment or edification, you know all too well the benefits and slight annoyances of the "artificially intelligent" spell checker lurking under the keys of your keyboard. Therein lies the lie, spell checking trolls are not dancing around under the cadence of our keyboards. This comes as no surprise yet as I  write this and type "a priori", the spell checker suggests, "Emoji". Wouldn't you like this happy face or poop blob emoji to summarize this experience (tempt the trolls)? "Most people do, so why not you", they chant! Personally, I would rather use the logos, in the Ancient Greek sense, to describe my perceptions; using language and reason to conceptualize the world around me. Teleological activities prioritizing for the urgency of what? What is the urgency with the status quo? Technology can make our lives more productive, or it can serve us to give us more time to create, populate and pursue the goals of our ancestors. This isn't an eastern orthodox guilt-ridden insinuation, this is biological and evolutionary. The descent of man is downward for sure but not to the hole in the ground some have come to believe. Independent adaptive and selective mechanics regulate most of what we do and how we navigate randomness in our environments.

We are all firefighters to some extent, putting out this fire, avoiding this catastrophe, and sorting out domestic rituals to prevent any and all possible occurrences of spontaneous combustion. I am not mixing my metaphors. The troll is long since a relic of the past paragraph. The fires that burn within us should be stoked, fueled and fought for. A new liberty is fast approaching. Data-driven analytics will control our future selves. Algorithms will know you better than you know yourself. With the rise of the technocrat, I am not an advocate of non-economies. There should be an exchange, and more than likely, a hierarchy. True equality is Utopian. Concessions are a social imperative. Some in the ritual of confession, others in economies of scale.

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